Article: Real Estate Tycoon to Watch (Atlanta)

Real Estate Tycoon to Watch
By Kandis Knight

Atlanta Real Estate wiz, E. Gardner has stumbled across a modern day gold rush. For the past four years, he has spent his days and nights mining gold. “Atlanta is being mined by savvy investors like Donald Trump and myself,” explains Gardner a twenty-eight year old Jamaican born, American entrepeneur.

“The billboard on Peachtree says there are 4.8 million people in Atlanta now. Four years ago when I arrived there were only 4.2 million people. The black exodus to Atlanta will cause the price of houses to increase, builders will not be able to continue to meet demand.”

Gardner first became fascinated with real estate early in life. “The first experience I had with real estate was while I was in college. My sister bought a foreclosure in Florida and I helped fix it up. The house went up ten thousand dollars in value and is now worth over three times the purchased price,” explains Gardner from his plush Atlanta terrace.

Gardner went on to earn his BA in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2001. “My exposure to I/O Psychology brought me closer to business even though business intimidated me. After being introduced to I/O Psychology I could see my place in business.”

Gardner started asking questions which eventually led him down the path towards an MBA. “I relocated to Atlanta and enrolled in Keller Graduate School of Management.” In 2004, Gardner earned an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and a graduate certificate in project management.

“In 2003, I completed my first real estate investment course; it was a valuable experience from someone who actually was in the business of buying and selling houses. I mirrored what I was taught and incorporated my own ways of doing business. From that point on, I was on the fast track.”

Gardner never looked back. “My first home was a HUD foreclosure; I bought it below market value, refinanced after six months and took out the equity. I put a portion in the stock market and paid off my car, and started HLB Investment Group with my sister Yvonne.”

Leveraging his finances allowed Gardner to begin building wealth.

Today, life looks totally different for Gardner who is set up to see his first million by 2007. “My house was my first investment, now my days are spent working with my clients and trading penny stocks (stocks that are under 3.00). Penny stocks are very volatile, you have to be careful, they can take you from thousands to millions or to nothing,” explains Gardner.

“My biggest gain was from my investment in Jupiter Global Holdings (JJP) I paid pennies per shares prior to the Merger with Pavis Corp. (PAVC), currently trading above $2.60 per share.”

Although Gardner’s portfolio is looking really fat, his real estate savvy is what makes his name one to remember.
“I am honest, dependable, and hardworking and I go the extra mile for my clients. I make it happen! I especially cater to new investors and first time home buyers. I know that can be a scary place to be. I treat my clients with kid gloves, I provide all the information they need to comfortable with there decisions.”

Gardner is full of advice and experience, he sees his job as a public educator and he works to dispel the myths about real estate. There is one myth about real estate Gardner is real passionate about clarifying. “People think they can buy and sell property real fast like they hear on television. But there is a lot more to buying and selling property real estate. People don’t understand, you have to have a lot of cash to hold the property and it usually doesn’t sell fast as expected.”

With windfall success around the corner, Gardner is always planning ahead and his dedication to giving back is another reason why he is so successful. “If I had 8 million dollars right now, I would put 50% in real estate and I would make it back by closing with at least a 15% gain. I will take a portion and invest it in the Jamaican education system. I would put computers in the schools, improve the schools, support the Universities and help the people help themselves. The rest I would invest in the Stock market.”

Gardner, is definitely a real estate tycoon we all should watch, consult with, and follow. “Each situation is unique, no matter what someone is telling you. You can’t use what they are telling you in every situation. I create solutions. I can solve any problem when it comes to real estate or I can find someone who can. A lot of realtors are just realtors, I am a realtor, an investor, a consultant, a negotiator, a project manager and a friend.”

2009 Client Roster: Young A.C.

Young A.C.
Words By Kandis Knight
Photo by Hannibal Matthews

TJ (Chapman) watched him grow, Tony Neal watched him grow, Kaspa (The Don) watched him grow, Bigga Rankin watched him, now everyone can see he is ready,” explains Teddy T. “No matter where we go, he steals the show.”

Miami’s legendary radio disc jockey, Wildman Teddy T, is a longtime fixture in the Southern music scene, a well-respected record breaker (Pretty Ricky, Jackie O) and the father figure to a young Broward County artist who he has been carefully grooming under his wings since 1997. When Teddy T first met ten year-old Allen Crew, a.k.a. Young A.C., he banked on the preteen and began doing everything he could to train him for the spotlight.

At nine years-old, A.C. began freestyling and made a name around the neighborhood. A year later he became disciplined enough to start writing rap verses and poems then he quickly graduated and learned how to count bars and measures like an expert.

"I like that I started at a young age because it made rap like a language for me, I became fluent and now I speak it well and all the time," explains the wildly charismatic teen. While Young A.C. attended William Dandy Middle School he was surrounded by many other talented classmates who constantly challenged his abilities. Singer Sammie was one such classmate and an inspiration to every student interested in the musical path. Young A.C. quickly found his path and signed his first contract when he was eleven years-old. Performing all across the south has made A.C. a favored up and coming artist.

Teddy T signed A.C. up for school tours and began thrusting his protégé’ into the spotlight via his nightly radio show, Teddy T and Lucy Lopez on Miami’s Power 96. “I had him doing intros when he was fourteen for my radio show and people always were calling in and asking who he was, he was hot.” However, Teddy kept the young Tiger at bay until the time was right.

“Once I got into the craft, I could not get enough, I was always trying to find my style. All I wanted to do was music,” says the young powerhouse. “I got my own story to tell, I got new swag I am the voice of the struggle. When it comes to the struggle I done seen it all. I never had nothing but I always been told I would make it. I am going to speak for the struggle. I am a small town thug who will go international with it.”

Young A.C. was raised by the streets of Broward County and his grandmother. His father was serving a lifetime sentence for murder. When A.C.’s grandmother passed, Teddy T became A.C.’s role model, friend, music mentor and biggest fan. In 2007 A.C. signed a deal with the young and aggressive record label, Deepside Entertainment, whose charismatic CEO, Silk was immediately impressed with A.C.

Everyone quickly noticed A.C. was on the fast track. “He was not a regular ten year-old kid. He was calling the girls little mama even back then,” Teddy laughs then turns serious. “He had “star” written all over him. He was so young but he was like an old soul. He reminded me a lot of myself when I was his age. Another thing that struck me from day one is that he always used adjectives and pronouns for everything he said. There is no question, he is lyrically gifted. He is a mutant. I am like Yoda and the force was with him.”

Music is what kept A.C. focused while the streets of Broward County, Florida voraciously consumed young black men. “There were people doing worse than me, but I always had everything it was rough though. Broward County is the murder capital, the cocaine capital,” explains Young A.C.

Now, at 19 years-old, A.C. is smack dab in the center of music industry cross wires spending weeks on end traveling across the south from music conference to record pool to show dates as Deepside Entertainment’s fledgling artist. “I signed my first contract when I was eleven. I am turning twenty. It is finally that time. I feel like I am ready.”

Silk wants the world to watch A.C.’s ascent closely. “This is how you can watch a broke man turn rich. It is possible for everybody to make it. It is a good thing to graduate, but you don’t got to in order to make it. Where there is a will there is a way. And we are about to show you.”

Team A.C. is gearing up with high artillery ammunition. A track called The Flyest, produced by Grammy Award winning Super Production Squad, The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. “They got a different swag. They brought a different swag to production and their team is tight, it reminds me of my team. So putting us ALL together is gonna be a problem,” says A.C.

“The growth is definitely there, everything is happening so fast there ain’t no franchise without a face, so A.C. is the face. We gonna hit the world by storm. All us got fifteen years in the game. It’s fourth quarter it’s fourth and long, and we are throwing the ball to AC and I know my little brother is going to catch it,” Silk explains.

Young A.C. has performed extensively and shared many stages with Hip-Hop’s best and brightest for the last seven years. He has also received recognition for his appearance on BET's 2007 "Spring Bling Freestyle Battle", where he was runner-up against winner Pluck from Jacksonville, Florida in the Championship round.

A.C. is currently working on his solo album and promoting his hit single, THE FLYEST and also check out his mixtapes "One Way Vol.1", and his "Hello Mixtape" (Florida's Most Wanted) Hosted by Hittmenn DJ Frank Luv.

September 9th, 2008 be on the look out for Young A.C.’s hit single THE FLYEST to be distributed digitally through Industry Works/Universal Records!

Young A.C. Music:

RADIO: The FLYEST, Young A.C. Deepside Featuring Blaze produced by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League distributed digitally by Industry Works/Universal

The FLYEST INSTRUMENTAL, Young A.C. Deepside produced by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League distributed digitally by Industry Works/Universal

Here is the placement I got for my client in Right On Magazine February 2009!!!

Interview: David Banner

Interview: David Banner (Mississippi)
Published in Indie Street Magazine
By Kandis Knight

“Levell Crump is a college graduate, a philanthropist and a long-time community activist. Sup wit’ all those beautiful nice things that people have a tendency to call me?” asks the Mississippi-born, black, superhero better known to the Hip-Hop world as David Banner. “Like Hulk, I can be a very rambunctious person and like David Banner, I am very intelligent.”

Banner, recently known for his political taunts loves to express his opinion. “The biggest issue facing America is how the International community perceives us. America has been such a bully for so long. You know and we are going to have to pay one day for our wrong doings. We have pushed so many people around, if anything was to happen to America we are going to have to serve for it because no one else is going to come to our rescue. Why should they?”

Banner a.k.a. “Big Face” graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana however we all know Banner is 100% hood-certified and always will be. That is why we can’t get enough of him.

“I intelligently talk gangsta’ shit!” explains Banner (laughing hysterically). “I grew up in a gangster environment. I think President Bush is a gangster. When I was growing up Jackson Mississippi was the murder capital of the United States, do I need to say anything else?”

Banner’s decorated music career began the day his Uncle James Edwards, a northern DJ, brought a stack of records to Mississippi. “He brought Mantronix, Stetsasonic, you know, and my life changed ever since then.”

Soon after Banner became part of a group called Crooked Lettaz (released the album Grey Skies, 1999). When Crooked Lettaz disbanded Banner released his first solo album which sold over 10,000 copies. (Them Fire Water Boyz, Vol. 1, 2000). Banner’s first major album went gold thanks to hits like, "Like A Pimp” with the help of Lil’ Flip (Mississippi: The Album, 2003). Banner has since released two major albums (MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water, 2003 and Certified September 2005). His latest and highly anticipated album, The Greatest Story Ever Told will be released October 2007.

No one will ever doubt Banner’s prolific music industry track record, just when he had reached all of his goals in the music game, Hurricane Katrina pushed him into yet another public arena. Most recently Banner has been making headlines on the political front. Since Hurricane Katrina Banner has been busy blasting and shaming community leaders who he feels have dropped the ball when it comes to the plight of the African-American community.

The majority of Banner’s work with Katrina victims was largely a labor of love and went unrecognized until he was awarded the Visionary Award by the National Black Caucus in November 2007. When Banner’s award was questioned by conservatives and some civil rights leaders, who object to the lyrics in his music, Banner naturally fired back. He’s David Banner.

Although the white media (sometimes using a black face) loves to crucify him, he continues to stand for what many marginalized young African-American youth feel and remains loyal to the thousands of voiceless fans in urban ghettos and slums.

“Sharpton can say what he wants, because what I said is true. . . Oprah should listen to Hip-Hop music, it might put some more black back in her. I would say they don’t know me, it amazes me how people have opened their mouths and they have not done research. I’ve always been an activist. I was student government president in school, I have always been active in the community. I have always been outspoken. . .The thing is. . .They don’t know me and that is fine with me. I go to God at the end of the day. As long as he knows my heart I am fine because my only goal is really to be with him in the end. I don’t give a fuck what people say. I care less.”

Heal The Hood is yet another example of Banner’s philanthropic endeavors. Heal The Hood is community program founded and directed by Banner that has been assisting people in neighborhoods that are usually over looked by mainstream organizations since 2005. “I do all kinds of things, I do scholarship programs, I take kids out of the hood on trips. . .the better question would be, what don’t I do? I think children know that I tell them the truth and that I don’t cut corners on them, I just love kids,” his mood changes.

“I used to love black people but now I just love kids. Niggas don’t give a fuck about nobody but themselves for the most part. People want you to step out there so they can watch you get killed. Fuck it, kids are my main focus now.”

With all the misogyny, violence and materialism Hip-Hop is notorious for, community activists like Al Sharpton have been challenging artists to take responsibility for their lyrics however Banner believes that Al Sharpton and others who are attacking Hip-Hop are wrong for trying to interfere with a way of life that has afforded many young African-American’s a way out of the ghetto. In addition, Banner staunchly believes critics are wrong for attacking Hip-Hop and Freedom of Speech when parenting should begin at home.

“I think parents should raise their own m*therfucking kids. And women should stop having children in situations when they know they can’t even take care of their own situation and stop looking for people to raise their damn kids! Raise your own f*cking kids. We need to stop having kids when we know we ain’t ready. Move away from the dick, move away from the dick, it’s dangerous!” Banner adamantly screams.

Banner, the elder son of esteemed firefighter and strict disciplinarian, Zeno Crump Jr. (who passed away in June 2007, R.I.P.), definitely believes in old school principles of child-rearing.

“Yeah, my parents were activists too, they were very active in beating my ass!” laughs the animated emcee who admits, outside of reprimanding, he and his father exchanged few words growing up.

Banner’s unyielding spirit, his gift of music, his father’s discipline and his college education have brought him a long way. On September 25, 2007, Banner exchanged a few words to Congress about the way African-Americans are portrayed in American media (aired nationally on C-Span 2). "I can admit there are some problems in Hip-Hop but it is only a reflection of what’s taking place in our society. Hip-Hop is sick because America is sick," Banner explained to Congress and the world. He went on to comment on the attack on Hip-Hop (The First Amendment). "If this is not a sign that we need to stand together nothing is. It started with homeland security and now the 1st Amendment. Everyday we are moving closer to a dictatorship."

Although he has found himself comfortable speaking before the masses Banner sometimes feels misunderstood. “I am not really a conflict oriented individual, as much as people would like to think I am. I really just like peace. I like being by myself, I like reading and being myself. I like sitting by the lake and watching the fish. But m*therfuckers want me to bust they ass!”

In addition, to music and politics, Banner’s Hollywood acting career is also running in overdrive. He recently starred along side Christina Ricci and Samuel Jackson in the movie Black Snake Moan, where he played the role of Ricci’s personal black booty call, Tehronne. Sadly, Banner lost out on a role in Batman to actor Michael Jai White but with one of the best Hollywood agents on his team, Sarah Ramaker, it will only be a matter of time before we see Banner bring home an Oscar and some more of his special flavor to the big screen.

These days, Banner is doing tons of press interviews daily, while sticking to a strict diet and recovering from a near fatal depression. “I eat five balanced meals a day, no sugar, no salt add a gallon of water, vegetables and chicken breast and nothing fried. . . I went through a very bad depression last year, near fatal. A lot of people go through this shit and they don’t know that they depressed. They don’t know what’s going on with their mind. I want to be one of the first to tell people that it is real I don’t care who you are, depression is some fucked up shit.”

Some may attribute Banner’s depression in part to the loss of his father. “It is crazy for me because me and my daddy, just started getting tight. Like we didn’t even talk much growing up me and my daddy didn’t have five hours of normal conversation outside of him reprimanding me. I realized I had been looking for friends in my life and now that I see who my best friend was, he died.”

To overcome his debilitating depression, Banner began analyzing all of his relationships. “I started kicking a lot of negative shit out of my life. I really separated myself from a lot of negativity…ain’t no arguing, or negative vibes or hanging around negative people. I don’t give a fuck if you my momma or my girlfriend if you become negative in my life you got to get out.”

All of the rebuilding has paid off. “It was a time in my life when I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but then I realized I accomplished all of my goals. Maybe not to the level that I thought I should, but shit I got on and produced platinum records, I got gold and platinum plaques. I done worked with just about everybody, I done, done everything. Anything else was excess. I didn’t know what else I wanted to do because I never would of thought I would of made it here. That is the problem, people don’t know what they want to do and we are already so blessed. People are so blessed and they want more and they done already forgot that God already blessed them.”

Banner has successfully reinvented himself in time for the release of his new album The Greatest Story Ever Told.

“Expect hits, not no fillers or experimental bullshit. I am trying to be what the fuck people want. Like McDonald’s, do you know why they are the number one seller? Because you know what the fuck you’re gonna get.”

Speaking of knowing what you are going to get, Banner has a few choice words for the bloggers.

“That is America’s problem, everyone is so obsessed with each other’s personal lives, mind your own damn business!” Even though he did make sure to mention he was single and wants to have seven children, and that he currently has none.

“I think there are too many people talking too much shit that they don’t know about. You don’t have to have no experience or no say so in nothing in order to blog and talk shit. People don’t talk nothing but negative shit. I want to hear something positive. We don’t do nothing but tear each other down and complain and bitch and moan. And the news don’t do nothing but report negative shit. That shit is depressing.”

On a lighter note, Banner is always willing to talk about the music industry. With so many Southern artists successfully chilling at the top of the music charts, Banner seems to be in a great position to really make this album his biggest. However, Banner remains an astute student of the business.

“Southern music didn’t take over the industry, the South was the new region that the music industry raped, Southern niggas ain’t getting nothing out of it. I think T.I. will be the only one who gets anything out of the Southern movement. If you look at any other region, look at Eve, look at Ice Cube, DMX, Snoop Dogg, 50, Jay Z, Puffy they were able to use this rap shit and rise to another level with commercials, endorsements, clothing lines that will last way past their duration in the music industry,” he explains.

“You tell me what a Southern rapper controls? You don’t see Southern rapper’s on commercials. We ain’t doing nothing but “cooning” and rapping. I said it. We ain’t doing shit!”

Call that a challenge or an honest observation, Banner’s love for the South should not questioned. He is quick to praise his fellow Southern brothas’ in the game.

“(When growing up) I was really trying to choose the right or wrong path, you know which direction I was going in, and to see young brothers (Goodie Mob) really stand up and believe in something, I know two of them were thugs, but they chose to represent something different in their music. And that really helped push me in that same direction. UGK, for the way they repped the south and the way that they stood for what they believe in. They were proud for being Southern people. Outkast because they always sat on the edge of music without threatening the mainstream. They always pushed the envelope. Pastor Troy for the way he repped Georgia.”

Through it all, Banner loves the music industry when everything works the way it is supposed to and compares making a hit record to making love to a woman. The things Banner hates about the music industry are the things most of us hate about it. “I hate money hungry record label executives and bitch ass niggas. . .The hardest lesson learned I had to learn about the music business is that it is just a business and nothing else, as much as we as black people want music to be something else, it is just a fucking business, just like selling guns, or selling dope, just like selling bread or electricity. It’s a fucking business, as soon as we realize that and treat it for what it is we will probably be a lot better off.”

To David Banner, “getting money” should be the agenda for young black America, however he does think it can go too far. “I think that is fucked up and I think she (Superhead) should of kept that shit to herself. It ain’t they fault that she was weak and gave her pussy away. That’s terrible to me, but who am I to say, she is making money, fuck it.”

Banner’s advice to aspiring artists, is short and to the point. “Read a fucking book get some knowledge into your head about the business, find God before you find music.”

After you go out and buy your copy of The Greatest Story Ever Told, make sure to turn to the Adult Swim Network and catch Banner’s new cartoon, Crook'd Sipp. Banner is the creator and executive producer of the cartoon, and he also produces all of the music for the off-beat cartoon that takes place in Banner’s home state, Mississippi.

“It is wonderful to be a part of that process and to watch the cartoon process come together and to see my ideas come to fruition is wonderful.”

You can catch Crook'd Sipp airing Sunday nights at 12:15AM EST. The cartoon follows the lives of the Beauregards, a white family who think they are living in the 1800's but are stuck trying to navigate in today's racially integrated world. Banner plays the main character, Virgil; a restaurant owner and the manager of a rap group.

As always Banner is also hot in the studio right now producing music for heavy hitters such as Jim Jones, Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, Quincy Jones, Pimp C, UGK.

For more information please visit or visit .

2009 Client Roster: Kaspa Da Don (Hittmenn Djs, Zone 4)

“Ya’ll get ready, I am the underground Tyler Perry. I use my heart and soul to create good movies that will give Southern artists a boost. My movies are tangible and bring color to everyday life in today’s southern music mecca,” explains Kaspa The Don

Hittmenn Djs Pres./Founder & Zone 4 VP of Marketing Is The New Tyler Perry of Hip-Hop
By Kandis Knight

If you know Polow Da Don, you know Robert “Kaspa the Don” Smith. Kaspa has a long decorated career in the music industry he has worked up close and personal with many artists including the major players such as Puffy, Biggie, Jermaine Dupri, Dr. Dre, Ciara, Lil Jon, Mr.Collipark, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and Young Jeezy. Currently, Kaspa is the VP of Marketing for Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 Inc., home of Rich Boy, Keri Hilson, Ester Dean and the Hemphill Kids.

In addition to his thriving career in the music industry, Kaspa has been building a budding film career and is currently working on his 3rd movie. Filming began in Atlanta this BET weekend for Kaspa’s third movie, Shawty. “I have been in the industry for years, right now the climate has changed there are so many artists,” explains the marketing guru from the Zone 4 Office/Loft in Midtown Atlanta. The walls are filled with plaques and awards. “So I started going for the Tyler Perry thing. I have been writing and producing underground level movies about music in the south so that artists will have an additional platform for building their careers.”

Kaspa teamed up with Macadocious Films and started writing and directing and executive producing films two years ago. “We are kinda like Dr. Dre and Snoop of film. I am Spike Lee 2.0, I write and I direct,” explains Kaspa as he rocks in his executive leather chair and flips through his cell phone. Kaspa utilizes real Southern star power when creating his films. His movies feature heavy hitters such as Terry Brown, Aj Jewell (Kandi Buress’s fiancé who recently died R.I.P), Greg Street, Big Bank Black, Lil’ Chuckee(Young Money), Bigga Rankin and Rich Boy.

“Off Da Hook" is my latest film. It is a movie about a dope dealer(Terry Brown) from Mississippi who came to ATL from having problems in the delta and started moving up and forward in life, a regular street cat with a story to tell,” Kaspa explains. "Off Da Hook" The Don's most recent film, took nine months to complete. “We wanted to brand this one like Master P.,"Bout It Bout it,”concept." Kaspa laughs. “Rich Boy blessed us with a couple hot singles for the mixtape and it hit the streets like crazy.”

We just did our movie premiere for Our VII Hittmenn Dj Reunion B.E.T Hip Hop Weekend Oct 11th, 2009 @ South Dekalb Movie Theater. We had live performances from Rich Boy, Mr. Collipark new ensemble "Mr. Hit Dat" ,Bertell (Capitol Records) and Prynce- Def Jam Konvict. When Kaspa is not busy producing movies, he runs a multi state disc jockey crew, The Hittmenn Djs. Hittmenn Djs are directly responsible for breaking chart topping Southern artists. Kaspa was able to mobilize his crew to distribute the movie using street channels nationwide. “I didn’t want to do distro (distribution) without a buzz so we took it viral, gave it to bootleggers and the movie spreaded like crazy. Hittmenn DJ crew receives notoriety for the movies we are putting out and so it makes sense to break new music in my movies and it makes sense for the artists. They get high dollar branding,” Kaspa explains.

"Shawty", was inspired by all of the work Kaspa has been doing in the community for years. Kaspa is founder of the Bank Empowerment Tour. This B.E.T Hip Hop Weekend Hittmenn Djs kicked the tour off in 3 different schools in one day.

Zone 4, Ester Dean, Collipark's "V.I.C", and Grand Hustles "Rich Kids",Pretty Ricky CG, and Money Bound Entertainment helped put the concert on. This program teaches urban youth classes about financial institutions Hittmenn Djs are working in conjunction with The Royal Bank Of Canada(RBC), Decatur First Bank(DFB) and Best Bank. Through this Hittmenn Dj Crew, Kaspa leads an annual School Supply Drive.

Also, in conjunction with his business partner and good friend, Greg Street, Kaspa runs the biggest Southern Toy Drive for the Holidays, "Toyz N Da Hood, (Google it) a well established Atlanta-based non-profit movement “I love doing things with the kids, things that will empower them. I decided to have children play key roles in my film this time. I was inspired by the movie Drum Line because of how children were empowered and allowed to co-create. I wanted to give kids a chance to have important roles in my movies.”

"Shawty" may very well be the film that propels this “Hip-Hop Tyler Perry” into the big leagues being that the movie was well received by a packed house at a pre screening held during the BET/Hittmenn Djs Reunion Party in Atlanta this weekend. Kaspa is also currently taking musical submissions for his Toyz N Da Hood Soundtrack from artists of all genres and for more information about "Shawty", the movie email

2009 Client Roster: Lexi

By Kandis Knight

Alexus Whilby a.k.a. "LEXI" is a bubbly Atlantan teen sensation with an 80’s throw back swag constantly sporting all things neon, and girly. Her fashion sense and her sparkling eyes cause her to stand out immediately when she enters a room. However, when she belts out a tune, all eyes remain fixed on her.

Lexi, represents the third generation of the Bob Marley family and her Jamaican roots make it all the more interesting that she is a pop artist. Singing for her family at every family reunion since she was four years-old, Lexi’s deep musical roots were evident from day one. “As soon as I could write, I wrote my first song called “If Everything Was Anything” when I was six years-old,” she confidently bursts into song. As a child Lexi spent five years in Lyon, France where she became fluent in the French language.

With more than just aspirations, the sixteen year-old “triple threat” has her family backing her every step of her way to the top of the charts. "In my 20 years of experience in the record industry, I have never seen anyone so focused and driven at such a young age," explains record promotor extra-ordinaire Ms. Arlinda Garrett. "Lexi is young, innocent, fresh and vibrant not to mention drop dead gorgeous, just what the industry needs right now."

Garrett will spearhead Lexi’s radio campaign in the fall of 2008.

Lexi is not the typical sixteen year-old. When she finds free time away from drama classes at school and hanging out with her friends, she is either writing music, in dance classes or learning choreography for her performances or busy in the studio with producers such as Armando Colon (Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim, Cam'ron, to name a few) or Phyzikal (Def Jam's newly inked artist/producer).

Her single “Homeboy Hookup” described as a pop hit produced by Phyzikal will began hitting the streets late September.

Expect Lexi’s debut album to hit stores Summer 2009.

Visit Lexi's Myspace Page!!! CLICK

2009 Client Roster: Donks R Us

Written By Kandis Knight
Donks R Us

While serving a stint behind bars, the future CEO of Donks R Us began envisioning the framework for how he would change his life upon release. After much thought, the idea for Donks R Us Entertainment, a Brunswick Georgia record label was formed.

“The label was founded in 2000 in U.S.P Atlanta. Doors opened for business in 2006. I was in prison dreaming of millions,” explains BG, the young CEO of Donks R Us.

When BG left prison, he focused all of his attention on making his vision a reality. Quickly signing artists YJB, Mr. Mid, Black Dre, Young Corleone and producers Too Smooth and Young Quan to his new label.

Once the team was assembled, it did not take long for them to start making noise. They came together with a shared vision, opened a studio and started promoting their own concerts and events.

Inpired by artists such as 8 Ball and MJG, Tela, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Scarface, T.I., Cash Money, Trick Daddy, Jay Z, Biggie and Tupac, the young crew quickly connected with many chart topping artists in and around Atlanta.

Since the label’s debut, Donks R Us artists have gone on to perform with and open for artists such as Lil’ Boosie, Plies, Young Dro, Trick Daddy and Blood Raw.

“The music talks about life and being surrounded by the things that influence it, money, pimps, players, prostitutes, drugs, street hustling, cars, clothes and women,” explains Corleone.

Through Donks R Us Entertainment, BG has watched his dreams come true for himself and his artists. “Someone told me I couldn’t do it (rap) because I was hustling part time and rapping part time and I was told to be successful I needed to concentrate on rapping fulltime. I started recording my first mix tape “36 Ain’t Enough” in my boy’s home studio. When I dropped my mixtape in the streets, people started taking notice,” explains Mr. Mid.

With the entire group poised to release projects in 2008 and 2009, the momentum is high within the ranks at Donks R Us.

“I made a vow to myself that I would hustle as hard as I could to never have to worry about issues like money,” says YJB, who is currently attending Georgia State University studying Communications with a concentration in public and political communication.

“The idea of my label is to provide quality music we have the right to be called DONKS-R-US. Donks R Us don't lie! We getting it 4 real,” says BG.

For more information please visit

2009 Client Roster: Qui

She’s Got that Angela & Vanessa Simmons Swag
“Qui” Rice
By Kandis Knight

In early June, Jerry Rice’s daughter Qui (pronounced “Kwee”) turned 21 years-old and with her father’s blessing, she is stepping out into the world in a major way.

The young wiz kid, who is currently a junior at Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown University maintains a 4.0 grade point average, is no doubt a triple threat (dances, sings and acts). Qui is releasing her debut album LUV ‘N LIFE on her mother’s label, JJR Entertainment/Koch Records this summer.

Growing up, Qui listened to and sang in Church during summers she spent in Mississippi with her grandmother. Her parents introduced her to Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Billie Holiday and Elvis very young.

Qui, began playing the piano at the age of five and told her family she wanted to be a singer when she was ten. By eleven, she found herself singing the National Anthem before a stadium filled with 62,000 people and she was hooked. “I found I love performing in front of crowds. It’s an adrenaline thing,” she explains.

Growing up the daughter of a famed football star came with its highs and lows. She fondly recalls the family packing up and heading to the football stadium to watch her father play football every Sunday. “We did a lot of moving when I was young. I was very overprotective of my father but I think I got my drive from him,” explains the bubbly young songstress. That drive may very well be what it takes to make a touch down in the music business.

Ala Angela and Vanessa Simmons type swag, Qui is a fresh faced do-gooder who seems oblivious to all the trappings so many young stars fall victim to. “You are only as strong as the people you have around you, supporting you, I feel very sorry for them (young, troubled celebrities) but I have so many people around me, and on the team taking care of me, I have not even met some of them yet.”

For musical inspiration, Michael Jackson is the artist Qui most looks up to. As a result, her album promises to be a dash of urban, a little pop and a few ballads sprinkled here and there, much like the old Mike J albums. With David Banner lacing Qui’s debut single Rev It Up, the album is coming out of the gate in overdrive.

“The video is fresh and I show case my dancing and it is fun, it is about having a good time partying, it is really cool and it was so much fun working with David Banner,” explains Qui.

Qui and Banner both are from Mississippi and share that bond, the two were introduced by a mutual connection, songwriter, Frankie Richards a few years back.

The follow up single, “Girl Child” written by Qui is about female empowerment. “It is an inspirational song, anyone can relate to it there are so many things young women face nowadays.”
Jerry Rice’s good stock may very well transcend the sports arena in generation two and land smack dab on the music charts. All eyes are eagerly watching.


2009 Client Roster: Shine Salon, Elite Gifting

Written by Kandis Knight

Elite Gifting Seeks Gift Bag Partners for Shine Salon’s One Year Anniversary        
Covered by BRAVO TV and The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Atlanta, GA (April 8th, 2009) – Atlanta based Elite Gifting is seeking gift bag partners for a stellar marketing opportunity to gift a crowd of Atlanta’s tastemakers and celebrities at Shine Salon’s Pre-One Year Anniversary Party.

Participating companies will gift celebrities and influential attendees at this BRAVO TV covered event for an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Since its launch, last year, Shine Salon & Spa has been deemed one of the trendiest spots in town and caters to a “who is who of” Atlanta’s entertainment industry.  

Confirmed celebrities for the event include the Atlanta Housewives (Lisa Hartwell, NeNe Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, and Kim Zolciak), Celebrity Apprentice & Grammy Award Artist T-Boz of R&B group TLC, Grammy Award Songwriter Cri$tyle, and many more!

Shine Salon & Spa is Atlanta’s preeminent destination for total beauty, wellness and relaxation. Through their innovative techniques, Shine Salon & Spa offers the ultimate spa experience and excellence in salon and spa services in an upscale urban environment. Shine Salon & Spa is expecting a crowd of tastemakers for a night of celebrity treatment.

Make sure your company is well represented in these Elite Gifting, gift bags!  Gift Bag marketing is personal, intimate, and has a lasting impression and creates great lasting memories.  Make sure that your company is well-represented at this event.

WHO: Fashion & Beauty Industry, Entertainment Industry, Media
WHEN: TUESDAY, APRIL 14th, 2009 7pm – 10pm
>>Time Sensitive All Goods Must Be Received Quickly<<

About Elite Gifting
Elite Gifting is a premier luxury gift bag company, specializing in creating VIP/celebrity gift bags for high profile events such as Award Shows, Charity Events, Fashion Events, Film Festivals and more.

Participation is free of charge, please ship 100-200 promotional items to:

Kandis Knight/Elite Gifting
Box 197
931 Monroe Drive
Atlanta, GA 30308

Photo and video recap will be provided post event.

For more information: 404-563-****

2009 Client Roster: JOMA Fashions

Written by Kandis Knight and Tiffany Cadogan

The 1st Annual SKYHIGH Rooftop Fashion Show
Partners with Urban Mainstream Magazine, Proximo Spirits and Edge Luxury Motor Cars

Atlanta, GA (March 12, 2009) The 1st Annual Sky High “Rooftop” Fashion slated for May 2nd, 2009 is quickly gaining momentum.  Produced by Atlanta-based JOMA Fashions and designer John Mack, Sky High will be one of spring’s biggest fashion shows. 

JOMA Fashions in conjunction with Sapphire Ink., Urban Mainstream Magazine, Proximo Spirits and Edge Luxury Motor Cars will light up the skyline by bringing this unique fashion experience to life atop the Lofts at 5300 in Chamblee, Georgia.

With well-respected partners on board, the Sky High Fashion Show promises to bring a distinguished group of elite industry insiders, buyers, retailers, celebrities, VIPs, and members of the regional and national press. 

The Sky High Fashion Show will feature a group of eclectic designers from across the southeast.  These designers will showcase diverse collections that will include avant garde, couture, plus size, men’s wear, and other genres.  Sky High will also feature top models represented by several agencies, including Imperative Talent Management.  

Attendees can expect a unique combination of glamour and top-notch entertainment, including performances, prize giveaways, surround sound and special light displays. 

The fashion show is set to begin at 7:00 p.m., with a mixer featuring vendors and light refreshments beginning at 5:00 p.m. sponsored in part by ROSANGEL™ a brand new Proximo Spirits product. 

Tickets for this event are $10 in advance and $15 at the door with a portion of the proceeds going toward the Breast Buddies.  For more information, please contact John Mack at or Tiffany Cadogan at or 404-429-1891.

# # #

2009 Client Roster: Raine Supreme

Meet Miss M. West a.k.a Raine Supreme
By Kandis Knight Published in
Photos by Kandis Knight

Check your favorite album, pop out that J-card, peep the credits and chances are you will realize you are a fan of a mysterious ghostwriter going by the name of “M. West”. Savvy industry insiders know her better as Raine Supreme, Trina’s twenty-four year old protégé signed to her Diamond Princess label.

“A lot of people think I am just an artist named Raine Supreme, however my alter ego is off tha’ chain, M. West has written a lot of heavy hits, go check the credits,” giggles the self assured young “mogul in the making” as she scans tracks in the deck of her custom Daytona Blue Nissan 350Z while zooming 50 miles per hour down Peachtree enroute to her luxury $600,000 Midtown Loft.

“Being a ghostwriter to the stars kinda sucks because you get all of the money but you don’t get to be the star,” she laments as we pull into her heavily secured underground parking deck.

As we walk through the compound Supreme talks about growing up in Seattle Washington and packing her bags at twenty to move to Atlanta to pursue the music business.

When we arrive at the massive penthouse condo, Trina greets us at the door. It does not take long before Trina is doting on her favorite up and coming artist. “I met her awhile ago through my makeup artist, I saw a lot of potential, so I was interested in working with her.”

This year will be Raine Supreme’s break out year, with Trina’s backing, Raine Supreme’s singles will begin hitting the streets in a big way. “She is out of her mind with the writing skills, she is all over the place and that is good because you want to bring something different. She will take some crazy techno beat, mix it with Hip-Hop then put some real intellectual raps on the beat. She is a great up and coming artist just waiting for her break,” she explains.

Raine Supreme has been busy grinding in the studio with Trina of course, Kane Beatz, M16, Steve Obas, Attitude, Big Kuntry King, Young Joc. “I have been working with everybody who is anybody, you know? Right now most of my bank comes from my successful song writing company, Ghostwriterz, Ink,” she gleams.

Trina looks at Raine who is now dancing on her roof top balcony. “Raine has a lot of consistency, she is very spontaneous, very different, adventurous. That is what drew my attention to her and I saw the hunger in her and I have watched her grow. Raine is willing to do different things and try whatever it takes to make it, even if I wasn’t paying her any attention she would constantly have that push, she was constantly like, you gotta hear me, you gotta listen, you gotta, you gotta so I did and I took her under my wings.”

2009 Client Roster: Kaspa Da Don (Hittmenn Djs, Zone 4)

ATL’s Got a New Spike Lee
By Kandis Knight

Hittmenn Djs President, Rob “Kaspa Da Don” Smith is already a veteran among Atlanta’s elite “movers and shakers”. Ask anyone about his vigorous work ethic and you will get an ear full. In 2008, Smith is going to take the same hustle that made his name big in the music industry to the big screen.

Smith is on an all out “grind mission” that will include directing the movie he wrote and produced titled Off Tha Hook, and producing and starring in a comedy DVD.

“I am free. Everything that I want to do and anything that I want to create, I feel as though I can attain it,” says the mogul, reclining into a lush leather chair while feverishly texting on his I-Phone. “I am a writer and a visionary. So when it comes to production, I am able to conquer whatever I set my sights on.”

Off Tha Hook is the second movie written by Smith and his first production. “The film production crew came to me with the movie because they wanted to take it to the next level. Off Tha Hook is basically a street oriented movie featuring Rich Boy, Dem Franchize Boys, Stacks, Polow Da Don and Greg Street, we have a few others, you know surrounded around the music industry? You will get to see some of your favorite artists showcasing their skills in the acting realm.”

Smith is not new to film production, he has been known to pen entire scripts in a days work. “I am a blessed writer. I write fast once I have a vision.”

Off Tha Hook is a contemporary urban story about karma. It is the story of “BP” played by actor Terry Brown. “It is about a drug deal gone bad. The main character, BP, is a guy who doesn’t care. He is an assertive persistent character from the street that doesn’t understand no,” explains Smith.

“I think it is time that Atlanta grows, not so much in music but on a bigger level such as film industry. The film industry is just now getting ready to take off. True, we have Tyler Perry and Ryan Glover at Turner Broadcasting. However, I think Atlanta as a whole is ready to grow, we have the scenery and the people, let’s draw a niche in that way and give the world more films made in Atlanta.”

Smith has been a pioneer in the music industry for many years, and his transition into film will be no different. “I believe I am a pioneer, my writing and directing techniques are different. People are going to appreciate my editing techniques and the unique angles I choose. With this film I will be able to touch a lot of people.”

Smith admits it was difficult to teach hip-hop artists the fine points of acting. Despite the hurdles, the strength of Smith’s production team pulled the project through. “It is all about creativity and the team you have on the creative side. You want to take the person that is most creative with dialogue, location, wardrobe, production and props to get the best results.”

Among the stand out first time actors, is V-103’s star Dj, Greg Street. “Greg Street really did his thing in the movie as far as he had to bring a whole element to the movie. His part was so powerful that it ushered in a direction change in the entire movie.”

Smith is quick to explain the movie was created to “touch the streets”. “It is what it is, it is Off Tha’ Hook, there is something for everyone, murder, mystery, comedy and drama.” Off Tha Hook will be distributed in March presented to a hood near you by Smith’s sprawling International Hittmenn Djs network.

Please visit THEIR SITE for movie trailers and additional information. Or go directly to the movie site. CLICK

2009 Client Roster: DJ Bigga Rankin

Interview: DJ Bigga Rankin
By Kandis Knight

Let’s count down……the top ten things according to Dj Bigga Rankin we can do to make the music industry better in 2008.

10. Artists get to the city you're performing in early to do street
promotion, and visit stores. This will help promoters with the success
of the show.

9. Promoters are looking for riders and not wishlists. Artists be
considerate, don't ask for 10 bottles of Rose', and 10 Bottles of

8. If an artist charges $20,000 to perform in Atlanta, they shouldn't
charge $20,000 in Waycross, Ga. All markets are not the same!

7. Independent artists, stop emailing tracks to DJ's and telling them
the track isn't mixed so don't pay attention to that. 1st impressions
are the only impressions.

6. Promoters make sure you have an artist's back end money when they
get to the city. Also make sure the person who makes the pick-up takes
a bath.

5. Independent artists, when opening for a major Please! Please!
Please! do your single and leave the stage.

4. DJ's need to play more independent music. Don't be afraid!! If the
music is hot give it a chance.

3. Independents stop putting out albums with no single or advertising.

2. Managers & Indie Label CEO's, spend your budget on promotion and
advertising instead of strippers and cars.

1. This is to all artists that shit on DJs that help them. "Time is
longer than rope. Who God blessed no man can curse."

Bigga in Raw Report....what's up Jason C.!!!!!!!

2009 Client Roster: Xtaci (Grand Hustle Records)

Interview: Xtaci (Grand Hustle)

By Kandis Knight
Part 1 of 4
It’s been nearly decade since the day fifteen year-olds Bola Akanni (a.k.a. Bola) and Jennifer Willis (a.k.a. Sunshine) sat restless in a 9th Grade English class in inner city Atlanta. Having many things in common, including both having recently relocated to Atlanta from Decatur with their families, these pint-sized young phenoms had a mission since day one.

As Hip-Hop versus, often Tupac and Outkast, flowed through their creative, young minds and fell from their tender lips, school became more and more a distraction. They both knew what they were destined for. . . Hip-Hop was their passion. As the teacher matched students together to work on a class project, she matched Akanni with Willis. This is where Grand Hustle’s adored, yet often misunderstood “femhop” duo Xtaci was born.

Xtaci is not what or who you think, a lot has changed. With a dense catalogue and polished features with top shelf artists such as Young Joc, Lil’ Scrappy, Princess (Crime Mob) and more, their upcoming Mix Cd hosted by DJ Drama and their debut album will prove they have grown into women while patiently waiting in the glaring spotlight of ATL’s Grand Hustle camp.

Often in the shadows however close to T.I., the King, they are apart of ATL's royal family for a good reason, in time you will understand. Soon music industry insider’s will begin cosigning as they emerge from the sidelines and head for center stage. “People underestimate these ladies, so they are the underdogs and I always fucks with the underdogs. They got a bunch of surprises for your asses, their music is fly and they were well groomed for this, this is their year!” explains veteran DJ and record breaker Bigga Rankin.

It is true, Xtaci is different from many girl groups in this manufactured era of Making of The Band. They have been tried by fire and proven that in the face of tribulation, they remain head strong keeping their label mates encouraged while waving the battle flag through the label’s most turbulent time.

The one thing that stands out most about Xtaci these days is that these ravishing ATL cele-butants are all grown up, and have grown close to each other through the process that refined their skills and their business savvy. Their unity is often demonstrated by the way the pair repeat after each other, often finishing the other’s sentences, they know exactly what they want to say and they find a way to say it together, through their music as well as in their real lives. They are a dual power on one accord.

“We have seen a lot.” They repeat over and over again and laugh, they bubble with excitement. They also admit they have grown into women while carefully being groomed by T.I.’s Grand Hustle family. “People don’t realize it but there wasn’t even a Grand Hustle when we first got with the guys, it was all of us, together rolling PSC,” proudly Bola pounds her fist on the table and smiles, her Southern accent is melodic, her personality magnetic. “And there was no studio back then. The studio was in Tip and Jay’s apartment,” laughter erupts. The entire restaurant is empty. I wonder if it was arranged.

Sunshine sits up to explain. “Back then people thought they were using us, you know, they heard we were down with Pimp Squad Click and they didn’t know, you know? But they raised us right. They used to tell us everything we needed to know, they would always tell us, “fuck them niggas!”
Bola adds, “Even though we saw what they did with women, we sat back and watched everything and learned.”

“They taught us how to be women. They taught us, this is how we treat women that act like that, so if you don’t want to get treated like that, don’t act like that. Kuntry, Dro, Mac Boney, they watched us grow as women from little fifteen year olds to now. When they met us we wasn’t even having sex,” explains Sunshine.

Through the year’s rapper Young Dro, developed the closest relationship with the ladies, and Grand Hustle’s super nova, Hannah Kang has also played an integral role in developing Xtaci as a product but also as strong women who have to fight insurmountable odds to make it in Hip-Hop.

Watching them sip their shots of Patron at the uber-chic Pearl Restaurant in Downtown Atlanta, their presence speaks volumes, these two ladies, who are very well the Queens of ATL’s Hip-Hop scene are cool under pressure and they are fun loving, light spirited down to earth Georgia peaches. “Just call me Miss Patron,” laughs Bola. Everyone can agree, Xtaci has a busy year ahead of them and the good thing is they are ready to make us all believers.

And in an industry where females are often shelved and duos crumble under the pressure, this duo vows to bring the heat in 08’ and emphasize their friendship is more important than stardom. “The Crime Mob girls look up to the girls (Xtaci). The girls will have longevity in this industry. Not only rapping, they will definitely branch into commercials, movies, you name it. Their new music is very grown and sexy! Now the world can get to see Xtaci in their full potential and I'll be there every step of the way,” said their quasi-manager and Bola’s sister, Shay Akanni.

“I have watched them involve from young girls to grown women. The experiences they been through have only made them stronger. . . they will be huge stars. They have always been stars and always very talented, that was the one thing that Jason seen in them. They are very different, their style is different as well as their music. It’s always about timing when it comes to super stars.”

The first thing fans will notice, is that Bola and Sunshine have truly come of age and regardless of all of the drama their new album has many features that are upbeat party starters. Their catalogue proves not many women in the industry are on their level. They have hundreds of hits stashed and their sound is unique and even groundbreaking. If you want an inside peek into their lives, make sure you check out their Youtube channel ( if you don’t believe me. They are reality television already and have even been offered some reality television opportunities. This year, we will all witness the X Girlz step out from the shadows, their swagger speaks clearly, it is their time to shine, much like the day they met T.I.

To be continued.....