2009 Client Roster: Qui

She’s Got that Angela & Vanessa Simmons Swag
“Qui” Rice
By Kandis Knight

In early June, Jerry Rice’s daughter Qui (pronounced “Kwee”) turned 21 years-old and with her father’s blessing, she is stepping out into the world in a major way.

The young wiz kid, who is currently a junior at Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown University maintains a 4.0 grade point average, is no doubt a triple threat (dances, sings and acts). Qui is releasing her debut album LUV ‘N LIFE on her mother’s label, JJR Entertainment/Koch Records this summer.

Growing up, Qui listened to and sang in Church during summers she spent in Mississippi with her grandmother. Her parents introduced her to Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Billie Holiday and Elvis very young.

Qui, began playing the piano at the age of five and told her family she wanted to be a singer when she was ten. By eleven, she found herself singing the National Anthem before a stadium filled with 62,000 people and she was hooked. “I found I love performing in front of crowds. It’s an adrenaline thing,” she explains.

Growing up the daughter of a famed football star came with its highs and lows. She fondly recalls the family packing up and heading to the football stadium to watch her father play football every Sunday. “We did a lot of moving when I was young. I was very overprotective of my father but I think I got my drive from him,” explains the bubbly young songstress. That drive may very well be what it takes to make a touch down in the music business.

Ala Angela and Vanessa Simmons type swag, Qui is a fresh faced do-gooder who seems oblivious to all the trappings so many young stars fall victim to. “You are only as strong as the people you have around you, supporting you, I feel very sorry for them (young, troubled celebrities) but I have so many people around me, and on the team taking care of me, I have not even met some of them yet.”

For musical inspiration, Michael Jackson is the artist Qui most looks up to. As a result, her album promises to be a dash of urban, a little pop and a few ballads sprinkled here and there, much like the old Mike J albums. With David Banner lacing Qui’s debut single Rev It Up, the album is coming out of the gate in overdrive.

“The video is fresh and I show case my dancing and it is fun, it is about having a good time partying, it is really cool and it was so much fun working with David Banner,” explains Qui.

Qui and Banner both are from Mississippi and share that bond, the two were introduced by a mutual connection, songwriter, Frankie Richards a few years back.

The follow up single, “Girl Child” written by Qui is about female empowerment. “It is an inspirational song, anyone can relate to it there are so many things young women face nowadays.”
Jerry Rice’s good stock may very well transcend the sports arena in generation two and land smack dab on the music charts. All eyes are eagerly watching.