2000 Client Roster: Sarah Hindsley

Artist Bography: Sarah Hindsley (Minneapolis)
By Kandis Knight

"When I was young I had a lot of really vivid dreams and I didn't understand them. I was afraid of them so my parents took me to see a medicine man. We were told all about my destiny. I always knew about my gifts from when I was young because of this." Sarah Hindsley speaking about her extraordinary talent

Sarah Hinsley's gifts are evident the moment you spend some time with her music. You will rejoice while listening to her lyrics because they will liberate your soul. You will ponder life because of the way Hindsley masterfully weaves her music through all of the issues plaguing contemporary American culture. You will connect with Hindsley because she speaks to all of us about striving for a better life by using the avenues of R & B, hip-hop, gospel, jazz or Native-American singing. Hindsley uses whatever it takes. "Hip-hop is huge but it is my way of getting my message to my people. I hold alot of power in my mic," said Hindsley.

Let the fact that she comes from a Native American reservation only add credence to the fact that she may very well be a messenger of our time sent to inspire and elevate us to a higher level of being through her music. It is interesting that Hindsley comes from a tribe called the "Lost Tribe" a.k.a. St. Croix Ojibwe (Anishanabe) since her mission is to help us all find our way. Sarah Hindsley is here like a guide to light the dark path.

"I believe my music helps people by showing people that if you do have dreams and goals that they can be obtained. I come from a very small poor community. It is hard keeping our traditions. I believe that this is just a beginning and that I do have alot to say and there is alot that I am not afraid to say such as our history and what has happened to us and at least tell our younger people the truth about what happened to us."

To Hindsley, her music is all about getting her message of hope out to people and people have been listening to Hindsley for along time. In 2006, Hindsley was nominated for a Nammy Award (Native American Music Award) for best R&B/Hip-Hop Artist. Hindsley was stiff competition to a group of all men because she has been singing and competing at Pow Wows all across the nation for years. "My new album is highly anticipated in my community. People have saw me perform before because I was raised for competition and royalty since I was 5-years-old. I am no stranger to being in the spotlight. I am from the thunder clan and our people have always been leaders and healers."

Sarah Hindsley's debut album (untitled at the time of publications) is expected to be released June 2006 and was produced by Matt D for Trak Citi Productions (http://www.trakciti.com/). For more information about Sarah Hindsley or to join her fan club, for booking or to purchase Sarah Hindsley's music visit: http://www.sarahhindsley.com/ .