2008 Client Roster: Snook

Interview: Snook (Southern Dynasty)
By Kandis Knight

“Limewire and other file-sharing sites prevent the good artists from moving units. However, artists, also share the blame in a sense because you can’t expect to make one hot single and leave the consumer to purchase fifteen so-so tracks.”

In the quiet moments of his father’s last days, a young black man learned the true meaning of manhood. Solemnly swearing “to go hard and never show pain” he emerged from the shadows of a dreary hospital room with a new credo.

“I took care of my father those last days, I bathed and fed him and he never showed pain.”

Snook was forced to search inward.

“My father and I never had the best relationship but thankfully before his death we were able to mend our relationship and take the situation for what is was, he was my dad and I was his son.”

Snook, never wanted to be a rapper, even though his older brother began pushing it on him when he was young as a way to escape the ghetto. “I went to Benedict College and I majored in Business management and minored in Mass Communications.”

Snook is currently signed to Southern Dynasty Recordings, his own label and he has a very equipped business staff working around the clock to push his product. “My older brother, Ray used to always try to get me to rap in my early childhood days but I never wanted to be a rapper so I guess you can thank my brother for getting me at this point.”

Following the death of his father, Snook matured in every area and so did his rap game. He retired from battle rapping and become a disciplined writer.

That was when his artistry and business savvy was ignited. He put out 4,5,6, New Banker and sold eight thousand units out of his trunk. He sold eight thousand more in South Carolina Stores but then yet another road block stood in his way.

His business partner caught a case which caused everything to come to grinding to halt.

He moved to Atlanta and stayed with Grand Hustle’s Beat Maker, Khao. He networked, he hustled and when things got rough, he even slept in his car.

All of the grinding and sacrificing paid off. Snook is back on top right where he needs to be. The King of Breaking Records a.k.a. the Vice President of the Hittmenn Djs, Dj Bigga Rankin, is hosting his next mix cd effort, “From a Minor to a Major Volume II” and Snook is gearing up for the release of his debut album in 2008 with features from T-Pain, Yo Gotti, Lil’ Boosie, Gem Star and production by notables such as Khao, Polow Da Don, Shawty Red, Showstoppa and Twin D …Snook is bringing it like none other!

“I got a lot to say, a lot of rappers claim to be from the hood, and I don’t knock where anyone was born and raised, but what I will tell you is take a ride down my hood or look up Newark NJ aka “Brick City” and you draw your own opinion.”

Regardless of where he is from, no one can deny, Snook’s name has been buzzing in industry circles for along time now, he has opened for Young Jezzy, Lil’ Wayne, Trina, Mike Jones, Ciara, Rich Boy, The Young Bloodz, Crime Mobb, and he is currently on tour with Plies.

“I do music because it’s a way for me to express my thoughts, feelings, and what’s going on in the world at that time. My drive is unexplainable!! I go so hard for the people that go hard for me and stand in my corner supporting me from the jump, my drive is fueled. Lastly, my drive starts and ends with me so if I don’t push myself I damn sure can’t expect the next man to do it.”

Snook looks forward to the day when he will work with Lil’ Wayne, TI, Young Jezzy, Swizz Beatz, Cool and Dre, DJ Toomp, and Dr Dre. However his dream collaboration has already become a reality; check out “Untouchable” feat. T-Pain. “That is one of my deepest and most real tracks ever.”

And you don’t want Snook to get deep on the music business, because he can definitely go there.

“Labels give out dollars to back an artist and to them that’s very risky, but when they see you can move units the risk on their end decreases while your stock increases. Labels are no longer developing and growing the artist that’s up to your management team, publicist, and agent then and only then the major label comes in and funds the entire operation. It’s still a multi-billion dollar industry and labels are still signing artists. But, on the flip side the record sales are in the basement while the ringtones are through the roof so go figure how vital has the technological influence affected the music industry?”

Although most artists blame file sharing sites, Snook thinks artists have to accept responsibility for the decline of the music industry also. “Limewire and other file-sharing sites prevent the good artists from moving units. However, artists, also share the blame in a sense because you can’t expect to make one hot single and leave the consumer to purchase fifteen so-so tracks. Now, those same consumers that were in a sense forced to buy the album for the single can now go to I-Tunes and download that hot single for $1.99 while the $9.99 album sits on the shelf.”

In the beat department, producers who want to work with Snook should submit tracks that have a rock feel. Snook has even been known to rap with a live band. “I look for something with a little rock feel to match my swag when I’m in that mood. When I’m not on my rock shit I look for beats with a lot going on; a lot of different changes from the drums to the horns. I like beats with a nice little melody because I write a lot from real life situations and these beats provide a hidden story in which I can hear and instantly think of the direction I want the song to take.”

“The major lesson that I’ve recently learn is don’t trust everybody that sells you a dream; make your own dream a REALITY and you’ll enjoy the memories a whole lot better in the end.” -Snook



www.myspace.com/snookmusic Add Snook as a friend!!!!! Lots of contests!!!!


2008 Client Roster: Snook

Artist Biography: Snook (Atlanta)
By Kandis Knight

From the unforgiving streets of Brick City, a.k.a. Newark, New Jersey, to the bowels of the South, hails hip-hop’s latest phenom, Snook.

Born and raised in a system in which only the strong survived, Snook grew up in a drug infested reality to excel. His drive and determination is evident in every track he lays.

Snook graduated from high school and enrolled in Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina to pursue a career in Business Management. However, with his music career on the fast track, Snook left college, to focus more on his music. He formed Southern Dynasty Record Label with college friends and he never looked back.

In 2004, Snook completed his freshmen album “4.5.6 New Banker” with the help of Kevin “Khao” Cates (Grand Hustle/Intraprize Records) and Polow da Don (Zone 4 Ent.).

Snook’s 2005 single, “Meet Me at Da’ Bar” produced by Khao was a hit in Columbia and surrounding areas. The single featured Sean Paul of the Atlanta group, YoungBloodz. The second single from this album featured Lil’ Moe on the track rightfully named “Could it Be” which was also considered a Southern hit.

In 2006, the tragic loss of his father caused Snook to become more determined. His lyrics would become more meaningful and the way he worded his punch lines became more “in your face.” The passing of his father elevated him to another plateau in his music career.

Snook has been featured on a host of mix tapes from DJ Cleves “Drought Over”, DJ B-Lord “From a Minor to a Major”, several local artist mix tapes, DJ Ames (London), and DJ Michelin (Toronto).

Snook has hosted and performed shows for Ciara, The Ying Yang Twins, Lil’ Wayne, Young Jeezy, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Trina, Crime Mobb, Lil’ Scrappy, Young Buck, Jody Breeze, Trey Songz, and The YoungBloodz.

Snook has also hosted and performed at Benedict College’s homecoming concert and step show and performed for Hot 103.9 Back to School concert with thousands in attendance.

Snook’s new album (currently untitled) is set to be released in the spring of 2008 and will include tracks from T-Pain, Lil’ Boosie, Yo Gotti, Scrilla, Princess (Crime Mobb), Mista Raja and Gemstar da Golden Child.

The new single features Lil Boosie called “Models” and it currently has the streets and soon the radio airwaves on fire.

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2008 Client Roster: Jaylyriq (Nappy Boy Records)

JayLyriq pronounced J-Lirik (Atlanta)
By Kandis Knight

JayLyriq born James Michael Cohen Jr. is an up and coming Tallahassee based R & B crooner whose edgy, hardcore street tracks and deeply spiritual harmonic vocals have captured the ears of many music industry heavy weights including Matthew Knowles and Convict Records Recording artist T-Pain. It is no surprise the music industry is buzzing with the anticipation of his debut solo album to be released in 2007 on T-Pain’s label, Nappy Boy Entertainment.

JayLyriq began mastering his vocal gifts young. “I was real into Sam Cooke. My grandmother always played the Temptations and Otis Redding. I also sang in Church for as long as I can remember so did my mother and her mother, I come from a long line of soulful singers.”

The young soulful vocalist was trained by the Church of Christ which sternly requires spirituals be sung acapella. “We didn’t have choirs, pianos or guitars because we believed that we are to sing using your own instruments given to us by God, our own vocals.”

At twelve years old, the hunger to perform caused JayLyriq to venture outside of the Church walls to form a five member R & B group called Ob’Cession. “We entered all of the talent shows we could find and we never lost one.” Eventually Ob’Cession became known as Next Level and in 2001, the group lost a key member.

With all of the personal changes the group encountered, JayLyriq felt a bond with the rising yet “embattled” female group, Destiny’s Child. “One day we got the address off the internet and jumped in the car and drove to Houston without stopping. When we arrived, Matthew Knowles just happened to be standing outside and welcomed us in, we blew him away.”

Singing in front of Matthew Knowles was an honor, however at the time, Music World was going through growing pains of its own as each member of Destiny’s Child began working on solo projects. A recording deal never manifested.

In 2004, Lou Pearlman invited Next Level to Orlando to perform at Fashion Rock. Next Level won the competition and was offered a recording contract but walked away from it. “We felt there were other opportunities brewing at the time so we kept our options open.”

In 2005, the group disbanded and JayLyriq considered a solo career.

JayLyriq confided in his old school friend T-Pain before deciding to go solo. “He told me not to worry that I would be his back up singer and that he was gong to release me as his solo artist.” At the time T. Pain’s single “I’m Sprung” began to set the charts on fire.

“One day T. Pain showed up at my construction job and told me it was time to go. I threw down my construction hat and walked off the job, just like that and never looked back. The next thing I know we were opening for Brian McKnight and traveling the world.”

For more information about Jaylyriq or for booking please contact nappyboyentertainment@yahoo.com


2008 Client Roster: Alfamega (Grand Hustle)

Alfamega (Grand Hustle)
By Kandis Knight

He is a giant part of the biggest Southern hip-hop empires, literally. At 6’4 and 275 pounds, it is no wonder Alfamega has been labeled the muscle of T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records. Alfamega towers way above us mere mortals and his presence can never be denied. “I am a King!” screams a very adamant Alfamega from the booth at Grand Hustle’s studio, in Atlanta, GA. You can’t deny his booming vocals either. You have no choice but to feel him. Here comes the truth.

“I used to walk around the prison yard everyday rapping. Everyone would be like, “Won’t you shut the fuck up?” They was all saying my versus’ by the time I left,” laughs the energetic rap star. “Six months out of prison I had a deal. It could have been 2 weeks because I could of signed with Beanie Siegal but I signed with Universal Records instead.”

Just like Tupac and Biggie, Alfamega will be the third Gemini to complete hip-hop’s Gemini trilogy. As we all know from Tupac and Big, Gemini wordsmith’s are adored by hip-hop fans across the world. Alfamega has booming lyrics, political commentary and club bangers all mixed in one extraordinary package. The first Alfamega product you can expect is an eighteen track mix cd hosted by DJ Burn One, called The Grand Hustle Muscle set to hit the streets in late September 2006. Alfamega’s debut album, tentatively titled Hunger, Greed and Ignorance and will be released in 2007. We can expect a long career from this guy whose business savvy is going to carry him for the long haul.

“I ain't trying to blow my money, I remember what it was like being broke. I can relate to being without. I can’t see myself spending ten thousand in the club in one night knowing I got five children to feed, a brother who is locked up who depends on me and my mother. I’d wake up the next day and want to shoot myself in the head if I did some dumb shit like that. I ain’t hating on the dudes who do, more power to them,” says Alfamega.

“I spent seven years, four days, five hours, thirty-two minutes and sixteen long ass seconds in the Federal Penitentiary system,” said Alfamega. “I have a lot to say.” On this day, Alfamega is a free man on a relentless pursuit of his dream. Tonight we are locked in the studio from mid afternoon until the crack of dawn, Alfamega’s work ethic is non-stop.

In addition to his rap career, Alfamega started his own company, Kotu (Kings Of The Universe) Global which consists of charitable organizations, political empowerment programs, international real estate holdings and media. Among Alfamega’s charitable organizations is his non-profit called 100 Kings, which is a “Rites of Passage”, mentorship program for “disadvantaged” young men. Alfamega is enlisting the most talented business professionals, entertainers and professional sports stars to mold these young men into future leaders.

“It’s more than hip-hop, I know and understand the power of my words and I am going to use this power to influence people’s lives for the better. I will be going on tour to many different places and it is important for me to visit the juvenile detention centers and talk to the young men,” explains Alfamega. “It is important for me to buy real estate in the places I travel to and help create economic livelihood in places where other rappers only want to go to get paid, I am going to give back. God continues to bless me by bringing the people into my life who can help make this a reality.”


2008 Client Roster: PZI Jeans

Written by Kandis Knight

PZI Jeans Ranks High on Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000

Atlanta, GA – October 6, 2008- Atlanta based, PZI Jeans was recently tapped by Inc. Magazine as one America’s 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies.  An accolade shared by companies as notable as Microsoft and Oracle. 

“Being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing businesses is a huge honor to the entire PZI family.  It is proof that our efforts to provide jeans that fit were never in vain.  The PZI team and I are all determined to succeed because we believe in our product.  Such an honor can never be downplayed,” says PZI Jeans’ President and CEO, Daniel Jason. 

PZI Jeans was founded in 2002 by Dan and his wife Claire Jason.  Claire serves as Vice President and Creative Director.  “We created PZI Jeans with real women in mind.  Our jeans are specially made to honor women with curvier shapes because we think they represent another face of beauty.  The world seems to agree with our vision and this honor validates our belief,” says Mrs. Jason. 

Dan and Claire Jason are both attorneys who operate their law firm of Jason and Bradley, LLC in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  “Having a legal background has played an integral role in our success as a company,” explains Mr. Jason.

PZI Jeans ranked number 372 out of 5000 on Inc. Magazine’s much touted list, which the PZI family celebrated with expansion.  PZI recently hired Atlanta, New Media Marketer, Kandis Knight to the position of in-house Public Relations and Marketing Director.  Knight coordinates efforts with PZI Jeans’ national PR firm, KMR Communications, Inc. (New York) to vigorously spread the word about PZI Jeans. 

PZI Jeans are available at select Macy’s Stores and over 600 retail stores. PZI Jeans owns a warehouse and distribution center in Tucker, Georgia and delivers jeans to loyal customers and retailers throughout the United States and other locations such as Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, the Caribbean Islands and Africa. 

PZI Jeans is also launching “Reshape The Runway Contest”, a nationwide model/ambassador search for real women who proclaim the beauty of their curve appeal.   “We are on a mission to allow women to embrace the beauty of their curves instead of trying to reform their genetic makeup,” says Mrs. Jason.  For more information about PZI Jeans and “The Reshape The Runway Contest”, log on to www.pzijeans.com

For more information contact:

Kandis Knight
Director of Public Relations & Marketing
PZI Jeans

2008 Client Roster: Alfamega (Grand Hustle)

Artist Biography: Alfamega, (Atlanta)
By Kandis Knight

Alfamega’s dynamic music career started in a small USP federal Atlanta prison cell. Despite being locked away from society, incarceration caused Alfamega’s creative spirit to soar. He completed seventeen hundred songs, three screen plays and penned a non-fiction book.

In 2002, upon release, Alfamega met Beanie Siegal through Siegal’s mother and young sister, “Fat Baby”. Alfamega rapped for Siegal and was offered a recording deal. However, he turned the recording deal down. Six months later, Alfamega recorded a song with David Banner that led to a deal with Universal Records.

In 2003, Alfamega began working on his own album.

Also in 2003, Alfamega recorded “South of the Mason Dixon”, “Holla” featuring Jody Breeze (Boys in Tha’ Hood), “A Town Stomp” featuring Lil’ John and he has recorded with The Southern Boys, Tip, Slim Thug and Trina. He also signed an endorsement deal with PACO Jeans.

In 2004, Alfamega was released from his recording contract with Universal Records due to undisclosed reasons. However, that did not deter the driven emcee.

For the rest of 2004 until 2006, Alfamega was featured on over three hundred and fifty mix cds and hosted over one hundred mix cds across the country. He was also featured in Smooth Magazine (twice), XXL (twice), The Source (Off The Radar), Lap Dance (Cover), Juice Magazine and Crunk Magazine.

In 2005, Alfamega signed to Grand Hustle Records.

Most recently, Alfamega toured ten cities with T.I., and he also formed his own company, Kotu Global. Kotu Global is a worldwide corporation to be comprised of real estate holdings, music and entertainment endeavors, charities, community programs, publishing, multimedia productions, and political empowerment organizations.

Alfamega’s 100 Kings program is a mentorship program for at risk youth. Alfamega also started a grassroots campaign to get people to make sure their voting machines were upgraded for the 2008 election.

Today, Alfamega is still working on his highly anticipated “double” debut album expected to drop in the first quarter of 2007. His first single to be released is called Westside O.G. featuring, T.I., Macboney and Killer Mike.

Industry insiders are comparing Alfamega to the late Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., because of lyrical content, style and the fact that all three share the Astrological sign, Gemini. Alfamega is quickly being dubbed the final chapter of the “Gemini Trilogy”.