2008 Client Roster: Snook

Interview: Snook (Southern Dynasty)
By Kandis Knight

“Limewire and other file-sharing sites prevent the good artists from moving units. However, artists, also share the blame in a sense because you can’t expect to make one hot single and leave the consumer to purchase fifteen so-so tracks.”

In the quiet moments of his father’s last days, a young black man learned the true meaning of manhood. Solemnly swearing “to go hard and never show pain” he emerged from the shadows of a dreary hospital room with a new credo.

“I took care of my father those last days, I bathed and fed him and he never showed pain.”

Snook was forced to search inward.

“My father and I never had the best relationship but thankfully before his death we were able to mend our relationship and take the situation for what is was, he was my dad and I was his son.”

Snook, never wanted to be a rapper, even though his older brother began pushing it on him when he was young as a way to escape the ghetto. “I went to Benedict College and I majored in Business management and minored in Mass Communications.”

Snook is currently signed to Southern Dynasty Recordings, his own label and he has a very equipped business staff working around the clock to push his product. “My older brother, Ray used to always try to get me to rap in my early childhood days but I never wanted to be a rapper so I guess you can thank my brother for getting me at this point.”

Following the death of his father, Snook matured in every area and so did his rap game. He retired from battle rapping and become a disciplined writer.

That was when his artistry and business savvy was ignited. He put out 4,5,6, New Banker and sold eight thousand units out of his trunk. He sold eight thousand more in South Carolina Stores but then yet another road block stood in his way.

His business partner caught a case which caused everything to come to grinding to halt.

He moved to Atlanta and stayed with Grand Hustle’s Beat Maker, Khao. He networked, he hustled and when things got rough, he even slept in his car.

All of the grinding and sacrificing paid off. Snook is back on top right where he needs to be. The King of Breaking Records a.k.a. the Vice President of the Hittmenn Djs, Dj Bigga Rankin, is hosting his next mix cd effort, “From a Minor to a Major Volume II” and Snook is gearing up for the release of his debut album in 2008 with features from T-Pain, Yo Gotti, Lil’ Boosie, Gem Star and production by notables such as Khao, Polow Da Don, Shawty Red, Showstoppa and Twin D …Snook is bringing it like none other!

“I got a lot to say, a lot of rappers claim to be from the hood, and I don’t knock where anyone was born and raised, but what I will tell you is take a ride down my hood or look up Newark NJ aka “Brick City” and you draw your own opinion.”

Regardless of where he is from, no one can deny, Snook’s name has been buzzing in industry circles for along time now, he has opened for Young Jezzy, Lil’ Wayne, Trina, Mike Jones, Ciara, Rich Boy, The Young Bloodz, Crime Mobb, and he is currently on tour with Plies.

“I do music because it’s a way for me to express my thoughts, feelings, and what’s going on in the world at that time. My drive is unexplainable!! I go so hard for the people that go hard for me and stand in my corner supporting me from the jump, my drive is fueled. Lastly, my drive starts and ends with me so if I don’t push myself I damn sure can’t expect the next man to do it.”

Snook looks forward to the day when he will work with Lil’ Wayne, TI, Young Jezzy, Swizz Beatz, Cool and Dre, DJ Toomp, and Dr Dre. However his dream collaboration has already become a reality; check out “Untouchable” feat. T-Pain. “That is one of my deepest and most real tracks ever.”

And you don’t want Snook to get deep on the music business, because he can definitely go there.

“Labels give out dollars to back an artist and to them that’s very risky, but when they see you can move units the risk on their end decreases while your stock increases. Labels are no longer developing and growing the artist that’s up to your management team, publicist, and agent then and only then the major label comes in and funds the entire operation. It’s still a multi-billion dollar industry and labels are still signing artists. But, on the flip side the record sales are in the basement while the ringtones are through the roof so go figure how vital has the technological influence affected the music industry?”

Although most artists blame file sharing sites, Snook thinks artists have to accept responsibility for the decline of the music industry also. “Limewire and other file-sharing sites prevent the good artists from moving units. However, artists, also share the blame in a sense because you can’t expect to make one hot single and leave the consumer to purchase fifteen so-so tracks. Now, those same consumers that were in a sense forced to buy the album for the single can now go to I-Tunes and download that hot single for $1.99 while the $9.99 album sits on the shelf.”

In the beat department, producers who want to work with Snook should submit tracks that have a rock feel. Snook has even been known to rap with a live band. “I look for something with a little rock feel to match my swag when I’m in that mood. When I’m not on my rock shit I look for beats with a lot going on; a lot of different changes from the drums to the horns. I like beats with a nice little melody because I write a lot from real life situations and these beats provide a hidden story in which I can hear and instantly think of the direction I want the song to take.”

“The major lesson that I’ve recently learn is don’t trust everybody that sells you a dream; make your own dream a REALITY and you’ll enjoy the memories a whole lot better in the end.” -Snook



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