2008 Client Roster: Alfamega (Grand Hustle)

Alfamega (Grand Hustle)
By Kandis Knight

He is a giant part of the biggest Southern hip-hop empires, literally. At 6’4 and 275 pounds, it is no wonder Alfamega has been labeled the muscle of T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records. Alfamega towers way above us mere mortals and his presence can never be denied. “I am a King!” screams a very adamant Alfamega from the booth at Grand Hustle’s studio, in Atlanta, GA. You can’t deny his booming vocals either. You have no choice but to feel him. Here comes the truth.

“I used to walk around the prison yard everyday rapping. Everyone would be like, “Won’t you shut the fuck up?” They was all saying my versus’ by the time I left,” laughs the energetic rap star. “Six months out of prison I had a deal. It could have been 2 weeks because I could of signed with Beanie Siegal but I signed with Universal Records instead.”

Just like Tupac and Biggie, Alfamega will be the third Gemini to complete hip-hop’s Gemini trilogy. As we all know from Tupac and Big, Gemini wordsmith’s are adored by hip-hop fans across the world. Alfamega has booming lyrics, political commentary and club bangers all mixed in one extraordinary package. The first Alfamega product you can expect is an eighteen track mix cd hosted by DJ Burn One, called The Grand Hustle Muscle set to hit the streets in late September 2006. Alfamega’s debut album, tentatively titled Hunger, Greed and Ignorance and will be released in 2007. We can expect a long career from this guy whose business savvy is going to carry him for the long haul.

“I ain't trying to blow my money, I remember what it was like being broke. I can relate to being without. I can’t see myself spending ten thousand in the club in one night knowing I got five children to feed, a brother who is locked up who depends on me and my mother. I’d wake up the next day and want to shoot myself in the head if I did some dumb shit like that. I ain’t hating on the dudes who do, more power to them,” says Alfamega.

“I spent seven years, four days, five hours, thirty-two minutes and sixteen long ass seconds in the Federal Penitentiary system,” said Alfamega. “I have a lot to say.” On this day, Alfamega is a free man on a relentless pursuit of his dream. Tonight we are locked in the studio from mid afternoon until the crack of dawn, Alfamega’s work ethic is non-stop.

In addition to his rap career, Alfamega started his own company, Kotu (Kings Of The Universe) Global which consists of charitable organizations, political empowerment programs, international real estate holdings and media. Among Alfamega’s charitable organizations is his non-profit called 100 Kings, which is a “Rites of Passage”, mentorship program for “disadvantaged” young men. Alfamega is enlisting the most talented business professionals, entertainers and professional sports stars to mold these young men into future leaders.

“It’s more than hip-hop, I know and understand the power of my words and I am going to use this power to influence people’s lives for the better. I will be going on tour to many different places and it is important for me to visit the juvenile detention centers and talk to the young men,” explains Alfamega. “It is important for me to buy real estate in the places I travel to and help create economic livelihood in places where other rappers only want to go to get paid, I am going to give back. God continues to bless me by bringing the people into my life who can help make this a reality.”


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