2009 Client Roster: Lexi

By Kandis Knight

Alexus Whilby a.k.a. "LEXI" is a bubbly Atlantan teen sensation with an 80’s throw back swag constantly sporting all things neon, and girly. Her fashion sense and her sparkling eyes cause her to stand out immediately when she enters a room. However, when she belts out a tune, all eyes remain fixed on her.

Lexi, represents the third generation of the Bob Marley family and her Jamaican roots make it all the more interesting that she is a pop artist. Singing for her family at every family reunion since she was four years-old, Lexi’s deep musical roots were evident from day one. “As soon as I could write, I wrote my first song called “If Everything Was Anything” when I was six years-old,” she confidently bursts into song. As a child Lexi spent five years in Lyon, France where she became fluent in the French language.

With more than just aspirations, the sixteen year-old “triple threat” has her family backing her every step of her way to the top of the charts. "In my 20 years of experience in the record industry, I have never seen anyone so focused and driven at such a young age," explains record promotor extra-ordinaire Ms. Arlinda Garrett. "Lexi is young, innocent, fresh and vibrant not to mention drop dead gorgeous, just what the industry needs right now."

Garrett will spearhead Lexi’s radio campaign in the fall of 2008.

Lexi is not the typical sixteen year-old. When she finds free time away from drama classes at school and hanging out with her friends, she is either writing music, in dance classes or learning choreography for her performances or busy in the studio with producers such as Armando Colon (Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim, Cam'ron, to name a few) or Phyzikal (Def Jam's newly inked artist/producer).

Her single “Homeboy Hookup” described as a pop hit produced by Phyzikal will began hitting the streets late September.

Expect Lexi’s debut album to hit stores Summer 2009.

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