2009 Client Roster: Raine Supreme

Meet Miss M. West a.k.a Raine Supreme
By Kandis Knight Published in http://www.grpmag.com/
Photos by Kandis Knight

Check your favorite album, pop out that J-card, peep the credits and chances are you will realize you are a fan of a mysterious ghostwriter going by the name of “M. West”. Savvy industry insiders know her better as Raine Supreme, Trina’s twenty-four year old protégé signed to her Diamond Princess label.

“A lot of people think I am just an artist named Raine Supreme, however my alter ego is off tha’ chain, M. West has written a lot of heavy hits, go check the credits,” giggles the self assured young “mogul in the making” as she scans tracks in the deck of her custom Daytona Blue Nissan 350Z while zooming 50 miles per hour down Peachtree enroute to her luxury $600,000 Midtown Loft.

“Being a ghostwriter to the stars kinda sucks because you get all of the money but you don’t get to be the star,” she laments as we pull into her heavily secured underground parking deck.

As we walk through the compound Supreme talks about growing up in Seattle Washington and packing her bags at twenty to move to Atlanta to pursue the music business.

When we arrive at the massive penthouse condo, Trina greets us at the door. It does not take long before Trina is doting on her favorite up and coming artist. “I met her awhile ago through my makeup artist, I saw a lot of potential, so I was interested in working with her.”

This year will be Raine Supreme’s break out year, with Trina’s backing, Raine Supreme’s singles will begin hitting the streets in a big way. “She is out of her mind with the writing skills, she is all over the place and that is good because you want to bring something different. She will take some crazy techno beat, mix it with Hip-Hop then put some real intellectual raps on the beat. She is a great up and coming artist just waiting for her break,” she explains.

Raine Supreme has been busy grinding in the studio with Trina of course, Kane Beatz, M16, Steve Obas, Attitude, Big Kuntry King, Young Joc. “I have been working with everybody who is anybody, you know? Right now most of my bank comes from my successful song writing company, Ghostwriterz, Ink,” she gleams.

Trina looks at Raine who is now dancing on her roof top balcony. “Raine has a lot of consistency, she is very spontaneous, very different, adventurous. That is what drew my attention to her and I saw the hunger in her and I have watched her grow. Raine is willing to do different things and try whatever it takes to make it, even if I wasn’t paying her any attention she would constantly have that push, she was constantly like, you gotta hear me, you gotta listen, you gotta, you gotta so I did and I took her under my wings.”

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Crystal said...

Hey Kandis, this is Crystal, Raine's friend from Baton Rouge. I just wanted to commend you on this article. Everything you wrote was on point. My girl is one of a kind and very talented and also a go getter. I love her to death, and can't wait to see how the world is going to love her.

Take care! Can't wait to meet, and work with you,

Crystal Smith