Article: Real Estate Tycoon to Watch (Atlanta)

Real Estate Tycoon to Watch
By Kandis Knight

Atlanta Real Estate wiz, E. Gardner has stumbled across a modern day gold rush. For the past four years, he has spent his days and nights mining gold. “Atlanta is being mined by savvy investors like Donald Trump and myself,” explains Gardner a twenty-eight year old Jamaican born, American entrepeneur.

“The billboard on Peachtree says there are 4.8 million people in Atlanta now. Four years ago when I arrived there were only 4.2 million people. The black exodus to Atlanta will cause the price of houses to increase, builders will not be able to continue to meet demand.”

Gardner first became fascinated with real estate early in life. “The first experience I had with real estate was while I was in college. My sister bought a foreclosure in Florida and I helped fix it up. The house went up ten thousand dollars in value and is now worth over three times the purchased price,” explains Gardner from his plush Atlanta terrace.

Gardner went on to earn his BA in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2001. “My exposure to I/O Psychology brought me closer to business even though business intimidated me. After being introduced to I/O Psychology I could see my place in business.”

Gardner started asking questions which eventually led him down the path towards an MBA. “I relocated to Atlanta and enrolled in Keller Graduate School of Management.” In 2004, Gardner earned an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and a graduate certificate in project management.

“In 2003, I completed my first real estate investment course; it was a valuable experience from someone who actually was in the business of buying and selling houses. I mirrored what I was taught and incorporated my own ways of doing business. From that point on, I was on the fast track.”

Gardner never looked back. “My first home was a HUD foreclosure; I bought it below market value, refinanced after six months and took out the equity. I put a portion in the stock market and paid off my car, and started HLB Investment Group with my sister Yvonne.”

Leveraging his finances allowed Gardner to begin building wealth.

Today, life looks totally different for Gardner who is set up to see his first million by 2007. “My house was my first investment, now my days are spent working with my clients and trading penny stocks (stocks that are under 3.00). Penny stocks are very volatile, you have to be careful, they can take you from thousands to millions or to nothing,” explains Gardner.

“My biggest gain was from my investment in Jupiter Global Holdings (JJP) I paid pennies per shares prior to the Merger with Pavis Corp. (PAVC), currently trading above $2.60 per share.”

Although Gardner’s portfolio is looking really fat, his real estate savvy is what makes his name one to remember.
“I am honest, dependable, and hardworking and I go the extra mile for my clients. I make it happen! I especially cater to new investors and first time home buyers. I know that can be a scary place to be. I treat my clients with kid gloves, I provide all the information they need to comfortable with there decisions.”

Gardner is full of advice and experience, he sees his job as a public educator and he works to dispel the myths about real estate. There is one myth about real estate Gardner is real passionate about clarifying. “People think they can buy and sell property real fast like they hear on television. But there is a lot more to buying and selling property real estate. People don’t understand, you have to have a lot of cash to hold the property and it usually doesn’t sell fast as expected.”

With windfall success around the corner, Gardner is always planning ahead and his dedication to giving back is another reason why he is so successful. “If I had 8 million dollars right now, I would put 50% in real estate and I would make it back by closing with at least a 15% gain. I will take a portion and invest it in the Jamaican education system. I would put computers in the schools, improve the schools, support the Universities and help the people help themselves. The rest I would invest in the Stock market.”

Gardner, is definitely a real estate tycoon we all should watch, consult with, and follow. “Each situation is unique, no matter what someone is telling you. You can’t use what they are telling you in every situation. I create solutions. I can solve any problem when it comes to real estate or I can find someone who can. A lot of realtors are just realtors, I am a realtor, an investor, a consultant, a negotiator, a project manager and a friend.”

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