2010 Client Roster: 4RM+ULA Architectural Firm

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St. Paul Architecture Firm Pushes the “Green” Button

Saint Paul, MN, August 18, 2010 -- 4RM+ULA (pronounced “Formula”), is a Saint Paul-based architecture firm, established in 2002. Since opening for business, 4RM+ULA has experienced success unparallelled. Fully engaged in designing “green” architecture, 4RM+ULA has distinguished itself from the pack.

In May 2010, 4RM+ULA placed third out of 40 potential architecture firms vying for the coveted Minneapolis Bearden Place design.  In 2007, 4RM+ULA partnered with DMJM Harris/AECOM to design eighteen light rail transit stations along the Central Corridor (Downtown Minneapolis—University of Minnesota—Downtown Saint Paul via University Avenue). With the project now in the early stages of construction, the firm is poised to bring the “green” movement to the forefront of Minnesota.

“It’s an incredible development opportunity all along University Ave all the way through Downtown (St. Paul.) It’s the future of transportation in St. Paul,” explains Chris Coleman, Mayor of St. Paul.

Over-riding the common tendency to practice architecture in a more “traditional” manner, 4RM+ULA focuses on rebuilding communities utilizing environmentally sustainable materials & methods of construction that promote innovative & efficient use of urban space. By implementing high-quality design solutions, 4RM+ULA addresses specific aspects of community need.

“We are particularly concerned with: 1) Forming long-term public and private partnerships. 2) Adding to and improving the building stock in urban communities. 3) Cultivating vacant and/or under-utilized properties in transitional urban neighborhoods. 4) Producing new housing & commercial opportunities by introducing mixed-use medium density, socially responsible designs that are fully environmentally responsive, economically viable, and transit-oriented. All tailored to fit at the neighborhood scale,” explains Nathan Johnson, a Partner with the firm and the recipient of the Minnesota AIA’s 2009 Young Architect Award.

With designs for projects as captivating as 1501 on Nicollet, Juxtaposition Arts Center Textile Lab, Minnesota African-American Museum and Cultural Center, the Radden Lofts, and having recently completed a schematic design study for Saint Philip and Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, 4RM+ULA is aggressively executing its mission: to positively impact urban communities through creative and environmentally-conscious design.

For more information, please visit:  www.4RMULA.com

About 4RM+ULA

4RM+ULA, established in 2002, is a full service architectural design firm that strives to positively impact urban communities through creative and environmentally conscious design, thoughtful land articulation, as well as mutually beneficial partnerships within the business, social and community sectors. Our overriding impetus as community developers is to re-build neighborhoods utilizing environmentally sustainable materials and methods of construction, promote innovative and efficient use of urban space, and implement high-quality design solutions that address specific aspects of community need from an artistic perspective.

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