Random Insights: By Kandis Knight, Public Relations Strategist

Do you Have A Cyber Pulse?
Written by Kandis Knight

As I zoomed throughout my digital world (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, countless newswires, blogosphere and all things in between) prior to leaving my desk for a cup of tea, I wondered, "If I had a Cyber Pulse, how would it beat?"

Recently, a Platinum selling recording artist sat in front of me during an interview in utter amazement.  He watched as I transcribed his every word into text.  Since I do it all the time, I forget how much of a shock it can be to some people to actually watch their words become digital.  He called me a "robot" and of course, that caused me to really think.  

As I waited in line for my tea, I Social Scoped a Twit Pic (below) of my new computer gadgets so my friends can see.  Never wanting to be disconnected, my boyfriend always taunts me, "Your Mac Book means more to you than I do."

The things people say about people like me could easily entertain you for months on end.  However, I am not a robot.  Although I am constantly "plugged in", I know being on-line and having access makes me more passionate about issues, people and things that are important to me.  And of course I would never place more importance on a gadget than I would my own beloved. 

As I stood in line at the coffee shop, my PDA began convulsing.  Instantly, my friends began sending me back Twit Pics of their work stations, at home at work, in their basements, garages.  By the time I returned to my office with my tea, I was looking at computer work stations from friends around the Globe.  I realized having instant access to thousands of people at any given moment is a gift yet a curse, however I believe somewhere in all of this cyber reality, we can find ways to end poverty, unemployment and so many other social ills.  So I type, text, chat, blog, Skype, Ustream and IM on ward. 

As I sat down at my desk, sipping my tea, I felt more human than ever.  I am blessed to be in the field I am in at this time in history and I am happy to have the skill sets and technology needed to change people's lives for the better.

What is your Cyber Pulse?

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