2009 Client Roster: Young A.C.

Young A.C.
Words By Kandis Knight
Photo by Hannibal Matthews

TJ (Chapman) watched him grow, Tony Neal watched him grow, Kaspa (The Don) watched him grow, Bigga Rankin watched him, now everyone can see he is ready,” explains Teddy T. “No matter where we go, he steals the show.”

Miami’s legendary radio disc jockey, Wildman Teddy T, is a longtime fixture in the Southern music scene, a well-respected record breaker (Pretty Ricky, Jackie O) and the father figure to a young Broward County artist who he has been carefully grooming under his wings since 1997. When Teddy T first met ten year-old Allen Crew, a.k.a. Young A.C., he banked on the preteen and began doing everything he could to train him for the spotlight.

At nine years-old, A.C. began freestyling and made a name around the neighborhood. A year later he became disciplined enough to start writing rap verses and poems then he quickly graduated and learned how to count bars and measures like an expert.

"I like that I started at a young age because it made rap like a language for me, I became fluent and now I speak it well and all the time," explains the wildly charismatic teen. While Young A.C. attended William Dandy Middle School he was surrounded by many other talented classmates who constantly challenged his abilities. Singer Sammie was one such classmate and an inspiration to every student interested in the musical path. Young A.C. quickly found his path and signed his first contract when he was eleven years-old. Performing all across the south has made A.C. a favored up and coming artist.

Teddy T signed A.C. up for school tours and began thrusting his protégé’ into the spotlight via his nightly radio show, Teddy T and Lucy Lopez on Miami’s Power 96. “I had him doing intros when he was fourteen for my radio show and people always were calling in and asking who he was, he was hot.” However, Teddy kept the young Tiger at bay until the time was right.

“Once I got into the craft, I could not get enough, I was always trying to find my style. All I wanted to do was music,” says the young powerhouse. “I got my own story to tell, I got new swag I am the voice of the struggle. When it comes to the struggle I done seen it all. I never had nothing but I always been told I would make it. I am going to speak for the struggle. I am a small town thug who will go international with it.”

Young A.C. was raised by the streets of Broward County and his grandmother. His father was serving a lifetime sentence for murder. When A.C.’s grandmother passed, Teddy T became A.C.’s role model, friend, music mentor and biggest fan. In 2007 A.C. signed a deal with the young and aggressive record label, Deepside Entertainment, whose charismatic CEO, Silk was immediately impressed with A.C.

Everyone quickly noticed A.C. was on the fast track. “He was not a regular ten year-old kid. He was calling the girls little mama even back then,” Teddy laughs then turns serious. “He had “star” written all over him. He was so young but he was like an old soul. He reminded me a lot of myself when I was his age. Another thing that struck me from day one is that he always used adjectives and pronouns for everything he said. There is no question, he is lyrically gifted. He is a mutant. I am like Yoda and the force was with him.”

Music is what kept A.C. focused while the streets of Broward County, Florida voraciously consumed young black men. “There were people doing worse than me, but I always had everything it was rough though. Broward County is the murder capital, the cocaine capital,” explains Young A.C.

Now, at 19 years-old, A.C. is smack dab in the center of music industry cross wires spending weeks on end traveling across the south from music conference to record pool to show dates as Deepside Entertainment’s fledgling artist. “I signed my first contract when I was eleven. I am turning twenty. It is finally that time. I feel like I am ready.”

Silk wants the world to watch A.C.’s ascent closely. “This is how you can watch a broke man turn rich. It is possible for everybody to make it. It is a good thing to graduate, but you don’t got to in order to make it. Where there is a will there is a way. And we are about to show you.”

Team A.C. is gearing up with high artillery ammunition. A track called The Flyest, produced by Grammy Award winning Super Production Squad, The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. “They got a different swag. They brought a different swag to production and their team is tight, it reminds me of my team. So putting us ALL together is gonna be a problem,” says A.C.

“The growth is definitely there, everything is happening so fast there ain’t no franchise without a face, so A.C. is the face. We gonna hit the world by storm. All us got fifteen years in the game. It’s fourth quarter it’s fourth and long, and we are throwing the ball to AC and I know my little brother is going to catch it,” Silk explains.

Young A.C. has performed extensively and shared many stages with Hip-Hop’s best and brightest for the last seven years. He has also received recognition for his appearance on BET's 2007 "Spring Bling Freestyle Battle", where he was runner-up against winner Pluck from Jacksonville, Florida in the Championship round.

A.C. is currently working on his solo album and promoting his hit single, THE FLYEST and also check out his mixtapes "One Way Vol.1", and his "Hello Mixtape" (Florida's Most Wanted) Hosted by Hittmenn DJ Frank Luv.

September 9th, 2008 be on the look out for Young A.C.’s hit single THE FLYEST to be distributed digitally through Industry Works/Universal Records!

Young A.C. Music:

RADIO: The FLYEST, Young A.C. Deepside Featuring Blaze produced by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League distributed digitally by Industry Works/Universal http://www.zshare.net/audio/167200949b260994/

The FLYEST INSTRUMENTAL, Young A.C. Deepside produced by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League distributed digitally by Industry Works/Universal http://www.zshare.net/audio/167201319b4f0a23/

Here is the placement I got for my client in Right On Magazine February 2009!!!


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