Random Insights: By Kandis Knight, Public Relations Strategist

By Kandis Knight

Clients often fail to realize the importance of nurturing creative thought and synergy with their publicist.  When it comes to approaching any project, large or small, I always follow the same creative path:  Meeting of the minds, discuss, think, create, plan, revise, execute, measure results.  This process takes time and works best the more access I have with upper management.

For this reason, if you are working with a publicist, you should know that it is important to give the publicist/client relationship time to grow.  There is a synergy that needs to exist between you and your publicist that will allow for the free flow of creative ideas.  Sometimes clients miss out on a true public relations experience because they never gave the creative process time to develop.

For work, I relocate often, learning about different places has been key to my success.  Recently relocating to Minneapolis has been a wonderful learning experience.  Working with Fortune 500 companies and learning software and applications I would never be able to afford as a freelance Public Relations specialist has proven invaluable.

However, working in a small market, has been a challenge.  I have had a challenging time with clients who fail to realize how important their relationship with their publicist is.  In most working situations, I generally worked closely alongside the owner or CEO.  Companies in a small markets, tend to totally miss the boat when it comes to maximizing their public relations resource by failing to connect the dots between upper management and their public relations strategist.

The most successful clients I have worked with, have clung to me like glue and we were able to create a synergy that money cannot buy.

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