2013 Interview: B.O.B. Atlantic Records/Grand Hustle

Written By Kandis Knight
Published:  deluxmagazine.com

Delux Jet Setter International Tips With B.o.B.
(Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records Artist)

In 2007, hip-hop artist B.O.B. released the song "Haterz Everywhere We Go," featuring Wes Fif, which served to formally introduce the world to the “spunky” southern rapper.  The song peaked at #5 on the U.S. Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles.  The catchy tune caught on in America, and rapidly reached International fans.

As Haters climbed International charts, B.o.B. and his team began packing their bags for their future success.  The first stop, landed the humble Decatur, Georgia native in Germany.

“That showed me that there was an untapped market, so to speak.  I remember at the time, the only artists that were touring across Europe were rock bands, pop artists, and artists like me,” says the twenty-three year old artist.

In a  flash, B.o.B. and his dynamic management team, comprised of TJ Chapman (TjsDjs,com) and Brian “B Rich” Richardson jumped into action by following up with more hit singles "Nothin' on You" (featuring Bruno Mars) and "Airplanes" 
B.o.B. (featuring Eminem & Hayley Williams) to further seal B.o.B’s International acclaim.

In under 7 years, B.o.B has sold over 15 million records, was nominated for 6 Grammys, partnered with T.I, Atlantic Records and Eminem, had a #1 hit, “Nothin on You,” toured worldwide and landed endorsements deals with Adidas, Coke, and other popular brands.

“I have been to Paris, Sweden, Switzerland, all around the UK did a tour in the UK, I have plans on going to Malaysia and Hong Kong real soon,” he explains.

The International jet setter lifestyle is something few artists get to enjoy, however for elite artists like B.o.B. finding themselves in foreign lands is becoming something more common than not, especially with the ability for even small artists to build international fan bases.

“I never really thought about it (the jet setter lifestyle), when you are an aspiring artist and you are making music, you are just hoping to get a record deal (laughs).  I never thought much about the travel.  For me, I gradually grew to be as big as I am now.  Even though I exploded overnight, you know.  I have been travelling for years.  Some artists do not get the privilege of working their way up to it. They strike gold and then they are on the road from zero to 60 overnight,” says B.o.B.

Best Places to Live According to B.o.B.:

1.  Tokyo, Japan
2.  Paris, France

Best Places to Visit According to B.o.B.:

1.     Amsterdam
2.     Toronto

Best International Cuisine According to B.o.B.:

South Korean Spicy Barbecue

“South Koreans eat spicy, food. Spicy food is the norm.  You know how we have hot sauce?  They have hot sauce and extra hot, hot sauce.  It is the spiciest food I have ever had, but it is the best barbecue and I am from the south”

Best Cultural Events According to B.o.B.:

The Cannibus Cup, in Amstersdam

“Once in Amsterdam, I opened the official Blunt for the Cannibus Cup and at that moment, I felt like I made it”

The most fashion forward cities According to B.o.B.:

1.           The UK
2.           Tokyo

“Let me say this, in Tokyo they are more “riskier” than the rest of the world”

Crazy Things You Might See During Your International Travels, According to B.o.B.:

“I have seen everything from people toss their beer on the ground (to celebrate) to people getting naked, just crazy things.  You can buy Kangaroo in scrotum in Australia.  It is just the norm.  There are lots of different things you see”

City with the best B.o.B. fans :

“Dublin Ireland, I have never gotten so much love.  They were really excited to see me.  I never met anyone so excited to see me, as the girls in Dublin.  They party hard in Dublin”

The Sexiest Beaches According to B.o.B.:

“France and India have the best beaches, make sure you check them out, bucket list”

Best Night Club Experience in ALL The World According to B.o.B.:

“If tomorrow was the end of the world, and I was going out to the club, I would have to say this.  I would not want to be anywhere else but a strip club in Atlanta GA”

What is the difference between fans in the Us and the UK:

“In America, we are cool, but when we go to the club, we are still cool, and we like to keep our cool.  When I go out to the club in the UK, they really loose their cool in the club.  They go all out.  Just like you see on t.v., they loose it, they really like to party in the UK”

Why You Should Become an International Jet Setter in 2013 According to B.o.B:

“Traveling gives you ideas and teaches you things that you can take home and incorporate into your life to make your life easier.  You learn to appreciate architecture, culture, the arts and cuisine more.  But honestly, I am like Dorothy, and there is no place like home.  When my plane  lands and the wheels touch down in Atlanta Georgia, I am always excited to get back home.  There is nothing like America.”

Check out B.O.B.’s Mix Tape coming out on his Birthday on November 15th,  called “We Ball” and watch the movie “Snow on The Bluff, filmed in the westside of Atlanta.

“Being a world traveller has made me realize where I have been closed minded in my life especially prior to traveling, I think everyone should get their passports and become jet setters in 2013, there is a lot out there to see and experience”.

For more information:  www.bobatl.com and buy Bo.B.’s latest album Strange Clouds!

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