2011 Client Roster: RL

Written By Kandis Knight

Yesterday, RL (of the R & B music group NEXT) dropped a major bomb on the music industry by releasing his new mix CD “The Voice is Back” via his website and his Twitter Page.  The response was astounding once his fans, and everyone missing REAL R & B, took it upon themselves to repost the link!
As the internet was set “a blaze” over RL’s FREE DOWNLOAD several things became clear to everyone watching. The game has officially changed.  Artists can take their destiny (regardless of what the music industry and the radio are dictating) into their own hands and most importantly, R & B is OFFICIALLY back!  (RL is about to give these young cats a MAJOR run for their money). 
The buzz was AGAIN fueled once RL’s legions of loyal fans began listening to the music and talking about it via social media.  Track for track, RL meshes “old school” with “new school” influences in what many are beginning to call a groundbreaking fusion.  RL’s finesse behind the soundboard is evident to those with discerning musical taste and his own unique style will not be easily emulated.  Not to mention that VOICE !
RL eloquently resurrects the “Minneapolis Sound” by making tons of music references to his hometown heroes Prince and The Time.  While also bringing in that hard hitting Atlanta swag.
For those who do not know, Mr. RL-oquent is far from a retired, we think he is actually getting better with time.  If anyone is capable of creating a new music movement, RL definitely is the face of that movement!
Do a little research, check the credits and you will begin to see, this is a man who has been steadily grinding in the shadows, deeply embedded in the Atlanta music scene for almost ten years (working behind the scenes with some of today’s top R & B crooners).
We think it is time for a major deal for RL, a reality show, or let’s lobby to have Cee Lo Green replace by RL on the VOICE (RL is the REAL VOICE).  Not to mention, he is much easier on the eyes and if Ceelo and RL had a singing contest….RL would put him to shame.
If you do not follow RL on social media, we encourage you to!  His tweets and posts are timeless and he let’s fans into a deeper side of who he is not as an artist, but as a man.  While other artists are paying their labels to tweet and post for them and even write their music, RL keeps it REAL.
Visit www.justrl.com today if you do not believe us!  Be prepared to be entertained and inspired by his many thought provoking insights.

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