2011 Client Roster: Emerald Marketing Partners (EMP Minneapolis)

Written by Kandis Knight

Emerald Marketing Partners (EMP) emerged onto the Twin Cities entertainment scene in the late 80’s as an aggressive concert promotions and marketing company. 

Over the years the company has grown to become a brand building powerhouse, having worked with and built brands for the likes of:  Ice T, Liquid Ice, King T, 2 Live Crew, Brandi, Vans Warped Tour, Eminem, D-12, Chris Brown, Corey Brewer, John Legend, and The Minnesota Vikings.  Most recently the veteran company has expanded into the reality television realm with LA TV. 

“We started off as a promotion company, following the Bad Boy prototype and doing promotions for artists, then we switched in to more branding and product marketing, and personal branding, now we are venturing into reality television,” explains EMP’s Founder and CEO, Tony Green.

EMP’s growth pattern is also consistent in all the markets EMP does regular business in, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Houston.  International business is a goal of Green’s in the near future, however for now the company is remaining committed to being a Minneapolis based company.  EMP recently acquired a poshy Uptown Minneapolis office space on Lagoon Avenue and has planted roots firmly in the Twin Cities entertainment scene. 

Current EMP projects include, Fabulosity:  A Pampering, Shopping and Networking Experience at The W Hotel (To benefit MOCA (MN), A Model, Talent and Calendar Call, The MN Vikings Official Kick Off Party, and finally a reality television show with LA TV. 

The 15 person EMP staff works 7 days a week when necessary to pump out productions on a grand scale on the behalf of their clients.  The team motto is, “Remain fully committed and happy to do whatever it takes to do a job well” and from the success of all EMP events, they take their motto to heart.

“By the end of the year, we will have had worked with 15 very satisfied clients who are only going to grow and we would love to grow as a family,” explains Green.

In 2010, you can expect to see EMP working with Coke Cola, Nike, Patron, Warner Brother, and FUSE TV if Green has his way. 

“Our goal this year is to step up more campaigns in different parts of the country, sometimes simultaneously, sky is the limit and we are ready,” says Green.

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