2006 Client Roster: Mental Case

Contact: Kandis Knight
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Smacks Records Fledgling Artist Mental Case:
New Jersey's Got A New Voice

Newark, NJ ­–Your new favorite rapper, Smacks Records' bold new artist Mental Case, recently got heads buzzing following his appearance on the The All Out Show hosted by Lord Sear and Rude Jude on Shade 45 (Eminem’s Sirius Satellite station). During the segment Hate it or Love It, Mental Case debuted his new single "Flashback" (video available on Youtube.com) from his new album titled I Go Hard (to be released June 2007).

“The response was overwhelming, nine out of ten callers loved the song. In today’s fickle hip-hop climate, that speaks volumes, the song has a dope segment that sounds like some dope Teena Marie stuff,” explains Smacks Records CEO and veteran hip-hop artist, Dj and producer, Mr. Len (Company Flow).

Industry insiders agree Mental Case has been diligently building a buzz for a couple years now. Most notably, in 2006, Mental Case became an undefeated contestant on Fight Klub (the most fierce emcee competition in the United States) and he has been busy in the studio working along side Mr.Len, Akai Pros, and Sam Scarfo.

"Mental Case is bringing a street freestyle and real powerful lyrics, not like alot of emcees who be rhyming using hypothetical words. He is real, new, clear and his voice is very distinctive," said Lord Sear (www.myspace.com/thedrunkmix).

Like a box of fluorescent color crayons, Mr. Len has collected a vibrant cadre of musical personalities to form the Smacks label. “I want to make sure that people from New Jersey were being represented in the right way. From gangsta music to backpack, we represent all that is here, hopefully with this Mental Case project, fans will realize sky is the limit for Smacks Records.”

While Smacks Records calls New Jersey home, their cyber home base, Dummysmacks.com, is where it all goes down. “Our fan base is more music enthusiasts, versus underground heads. They are way more open minded and savvy when it comes to buying their music. They want the total package they respect the fact that nothing about the music we put out is contrived. We are not trying to appeal to any audience because we are only into making music that we like. Honest music.”

For sale now on dummysmacks.com cop the following projects to make your cd collection complete:

Kice of Course “New Experience” debut album ,
The Dix "The Art of Picking Up Women", Prince Paul Project
Bullymouth Debut EP "Back To School"
Mr. Len Presents Smacks Records New Songs from Murs, Jean Grae, Mental Case, Kice of Course, Bullymouth

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