2006 Client Roster: Nikki Millions

Artist Biography: Nikki Millions (Massachusetts)
By Kandis Knight

Nikki Millions a.k.a. Richie V. was born and raised in Dorchester Massachusetts. Million’s music career started when he was 14 years-old. “I grew up listening to Scarface and Tupac,” explains the driven 25 year-old emcee. “I also grew up listening to the oldies station with my pops. The Temptations, The Ojays, Otis Redding.”

In 1998, Millions made a name for himself when he landed a coveted spot on the Hook Masters Mix Tape hosted by Tony Lopes. Million’s style has been described by one music industry insider as having a “street gritty feel that is mixed in with the right amount of thought provoking urban philosophy.”

In 2006, Millions was signed to Pentagon/Panama Strip Records. “I heard his music and I thought, I could combine north and south hip-hop together with this artist,” said Shawn Simon, Million’s visionary manager.

Millions is currently working hard on his debut album called Diary of Destruction, featuring collaborations with Gietnam Vetz, Icy Squad, and two features with Vicious of UGK Records. With heavy hitting talent like that, one must employ a carefully skilled production team so Tony Lopes (Boston), hooked up with Pistal P (Louisiana), Spitty Mic (Boston) and Lingo (Rhode Island) to put a golden seal on the Diary of Destruction project.

In the future, Millions desires to work with producers such as Dr. Dre, 9th Wonder and Swizz Beatz.

To many people Millions is more than just rapper. “People know me in my community. I used to work for Cityyear. My mission was to teach kids about HIV and AIDS Prevention.”

In addition to going all around the city talking to kids HIV/AIDS, Millions used to be the guy who jumped off 7 block wide water gun fights with his sons in their Boston neighborhood.

On New Year’s Day 2007, look for Millions’s new mix cd to drop (untitled). “I got all of this animosity out on the mix cd because the album is really civilized. I didn’t want the streets to think I got soft. Other emcees are not talking about anything,” describes Millions. “They are rappers, I am a poet.”

For more information and tour schedule: http://www.nikkimillions.com/

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