2007 Client Roster: Oktane

Oktane (Atlanta)
By Kandis Knight

At nine years-old Georgia artist Oktane put down his G.I. Joe action figures and picked up an MPC, mastering the recording studio before puberty. Music is in his blood and you don’t want to underestimate his marketing power or his connections.

Oktane is not a newcomer, he is a second generation musician. Oktane’s father, Ronnie Meyers was signed to RCA Records, of course he recognized musical genius in his son. “My dad had a little studio built in the backyard and I just started writing and going in the studio,” smiles the twenty-five year-old flame spitter. “He would play around with me and help me record. I started rapping about Nintendo and Atari.”

Oktane has come a long way from those days, he now records in a million dollar, state of the art studio facility and is quickly making a name for himself in the industry. This due to his high adrenaline, high pitched, “crunk” verses and his determination to grind. “The name Oktane was given to me by a friend who was describing how I deal with haters and set backs. It all fuels my fire.”

Regardless of roadblocks, Oktane is on the verge of major things. He is gearing up for a twenty-two city tour, and you can catch four of his tracks on the Grand Hustle Muscle Mix Cd. “Being a part of the Grand Hustle Muscle Mix Cd was a blessing, because it also featured Young Dro, T.I. and Alfamega. There were a lot of Dons on it, so it was definitely a blessing to be a featured artist on that Cd.”

Oktane is currently working on his debut album, which features So So Def’s Young Capone and EDI Don from the Outlaws and there will be many more. “I’m trying to get good features on the album, but at the same time, I’m trying to get the album it’s legitimate chance, because it’s such a great record,” explains Oktane.

“I am a beast, like a tiger and I’m hungry right now. The door is cracked, so I am gonna to kick it off the hinges. They’re not going to hold me back anymore.”

Oktane’s new album features stand out tracks such as Warrior which may be considered controversial by many. Oktane was inspired to write Warrior after seeing the movie The Passion of the Christ. “People ask, “How you going to talk about the Lord on this song, and the next song you’re going to curse?” I say, “I’m a real man and there are two sides to every man, there’s a good side, and a bad side. I’m just real, I show both sides.”

“Before it’s over, I just want to be remembered as someone who did something well, in addition to making music, for example a fan contacted me and told me that one of my songs helped get his sister off crack, and that really meant a lot to me. I want to have an impact in music and on people in general.”


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