2007 Client Roster: C-Side

C-Side (Atlanta)
Published in Grip Magazine
By Kandis Knight

Life before Myspace.com can best be compared to the “Dark Ages” for hungry, independent artists worldwide. Myspace has single handedly helped to level the playing field by giving artists marketing tools, including a free database to promote themselves.

For groups like Atlanta’s hip-hop trio, C-Side, comprised of group members Kenny Kole, 21, Gator, 23, and Bo Q 21, Myspace has been a career maker. Afterall, many of us would have no clue who C-Side was if it wasn’t for their “novelty” hit Myspace Freak featuring Jazze Pha.

“Gator came up with the song concept. It blew up on Myspace and a lot of internet publications took notice,” explains group member Kenny Kole. To date, C-Side’s Myspace page has received over 346,721 plays and they have over nine thousand Myspace friends, freaks and all. The group has already been featured on many websites and in many magazines.

When the idea for a remix came up, the group thought it would make sense to get Jazze on it since they sampled his voice in the original song. “When we got in the studio with Jazze he was like, “Oh, y’all thought you was gonna have that “Oh Boy” on a hit song without me? That’s my trademark,” laughs Bo Q.

“C-Side is a group of guys who have a crazy knach for catchy phrases and choruses; on top of that they can really rap. They are a breath of fresh air from the South,” praises Jazze.

C-Side received co-production credit for Myspace Freak and if you think they are one hit wonders, think again. Wangin is another C-Side/Jazze Pha track that is promising to be another big hit for the young group.
So what exactly is a Myspace freak? “A Myspace freak, is someone who is obsessed or crazy about Myspace. These are people who are on it all hours of a day, ya know? Can’t get enough of it,” laughs Bo Q.

True some people are Myspace freaks, apparently Bobby and Whitney’s daughter can be counted in that group, however millions of people do conduct business every hour of the day on Myspace. “If you are on there networking and trying to handle business, Myspace is very good,” explains Gator.

In addition to working with Jazze, C-Side group members have worked with the likes of Dem Franchize Boyz, Pimp C (UGK); 12 Gauge and Keisha Cole, Young Capone. They insist they are not one hit wonders, but just in case, they are also branching off into other ventures. The group members own their own sneaker company called Two Straps and they also own a production company.

“We got a big fan base because we have been doing this for along time. Every song we do, people are like “that should be your single”, says Bo Q. Kenny Kold interrupts, “We are also song writers and labels are bidding on our songs and trying to buy them for their artists.”

Look for C-Side in upcoming issues of Right-on, Blackbeat Magazine, The Urban American Fanzine and check them out on BET Radio, Launch Radio and MTV Radio and News.

Visit www.myspace.com/csideonline for more information.

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