2006 Client Roster: Dap Rugget Fashion

Dap Rugget
Published in Grip Magazine
By Kandis Knight

If you find yourself rocking the simple white tee, jeans and sneakers five days out of the week, it’s time to upgrade playa!

Prep swag is synonymous with some of the best dressers in the music industry like Andre 3000, Farnsworth Bentley, Bobby Valentino and Jazze Pha all clients of Atlanta based fashion house, Dap Rugget. “Prep swag is not a passing fad, it is a lifestyle with deep traditions,” according to the fabulously preppy CEO of Dap Rugget, Cedric King.

Prep style stems from European aristocrats in the 1930’s. However, King has expanded the meaning of “prep” for the contemporary fashion connoisseur.

Prep Swag Musts:

Be Prep-ared. King has revolutionized the concept of “prep”. Prep came from the term “prepatory school” and was used to describe the garb affluent kids would rock. But to Dap Rugget, the term “prep” is all about being prepared. Preps are people who stay prepared the good life, for wealth and power by being image conscious to the point that even your argyle socks must make a statement.

Cashmere is a must. Your cashmere sweater or vest should be Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers or Dap Rugget of course. To preps, a “handed down” cashmere sweater has more prestige than a three hundred dollar throw back jersey. If you can’t afford cashmere, try worsted wool. Nevertheless cashmere is the staple of a true preps wardrobe no doubt.

Color is very important. To preps, being able to assemble your color palette in layers that “pop” is an art form. For example: start with a pink polo, then layer it with a plaid shirt that has pink accents, to make your colors pop. The plaid shirt may compliment other aspects of the pink. A true prep really understands how to put together color combinations that work.

Also, keep the seasons in mind. When it is turning fall, bright yellow colors and earth tones are hot. Add heavy trousers with a light blue camel hair blazer and some type of oxford shirt and your bold statement is made.

Quality is more important than quantity. Quality is more important to preps than quantity. Most preps get their polos and cashmeres handed down from their preppy fathers and grandfathers, with careful care the items maintain their esteem. When talking about quality cottons to preps, it is all about thread count. Pima cotton, comb cottons and mercerized cotton are prep favorites. It’s all about how the cotton is loomed and knitted.

Swagger. Your prep swagger will take you along way. It is important to understand how to put a bow tie with crazy patterns together with a gigham check, a polka dot bow tie and a pair of poplan trousers or jeans. Add the tetron sneakers and maybe a web belt or a braided belt and you are in the game!

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