2006 Client Roster: Nukki Andrews

Artist Biography: Nukki Andrews
By Kandis Knight

There is no denying, Nukki Andrews, is the rapping black Marilyn Monroe, with more attitude but all the class. Her style is described by many as “classy hood” however unlike other femcees, Nukki is a classically trained singer and often sings the vocals on her own tracks.

Nukki started singing and performing in the Church when she was four-years-old winning talent shows and showcases across the country. As her art began to blossom, her mother enrolled her in the Emerson Visual Performing Arts School in Gary, Indiana.

From an industry perspective, Nukki offers fans the best of both worlds. “She is what you would have if Mary J. Blige and Trina became the same artist,” explains Atlanta super producer Darin “Super Power” Baker. Super Power produced four tracks for Nukki and continues to work closely with her project.

This Scorpio admits she struggled with fitting in while growing up, “I knew I was ahead of my time, music has always been my refuge, through music I feel connected,” says the headstrong diva.

Nukki’s distinct taste in music stems from the musical palatte of her youth which included lots of Prince, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, and gospel. You can hear it in the masterful way she delivers every phrase.

Although the road has been very rough, Nukki has been performing for over ten years and is focused more than ever as she finalizes her album and prepares to bring her music to the people. “I am just me. I say exactly how I feel, and I try to make sure the song has meaning. I talk about everyday life experiences, dealing with guys, being a woman, paying bills, partying, giving thanks and being grateful, and even being ungrateful.”

Nukki is an extremely driven artist who is proven, strong and determined. Her gritty natured style is honest to her experience. Nukki endured a very difficult life from running away from being a pregnant, teenaged runaway to having her mother and a close friend murdered. Nukki is filled with experiences and has never been afraid to write about it.

Confident on the stage and in business, Nukki is the definition of bossy. Among current female artists who Nukki would share the stage with is Shawnna. “Shawnna, she from the hood, she from the Midwest, she from the crib, its a few ladies I like, we all doing our thang.”
“I have a message. I am so blessed to be here but God has spared my life many times but I wouldn’t regret anything I have been through or who I am.”

Nukki will be releasing her mix CD, Volume 1 Nukki Andrews in February 2007. Volume 1 Nukki Andrews will feature six original songs with her first complete studio album to follow in winter 2007 on Upgrade Music, Inc.

Three years ago/ I told my daughter I’d never quit/bitch so you betta spit/everythang they come up wit/run up in/hit you from ya neck to ya tippy toes/pretty hoes/don’t get their hands dirty but I’m different tho’.
-Nu Nukki, by Nukki Andrews

For more information please visit: http://www.myspace.com/nukkiannfansofficialpage

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