2010 Client Roster: Kena Sage

Kena Sage
By Kandis Knight

As a very young girl, Urban Gold recording artist Kena Sage spent most of her time watching her mother sing along seventies disco diva, Lolita Holloway. This was where Kena acquired her acumen as an artist, always pushing herself to do better and be better, following in her mother’s footsteps.  Kena credits Diana Ross and her mother as being her greatest influences.  In fact, young Kena listened to her mother sing the “Lady Sings the Blues” album so much; she thought her mother and Diana were the same person.

Kena studied dance, modern jazz, tap and ballet, before embarking on a music career.  The Chicago native’s introduction into the music industry came as a member of the Warner Bros., female recording group, Phajja.  Kena was the artistic force behind the group.  Touted as the “it” female quartet for the label, Phajja toured with such platinum selling recording artists as Usher, Brian McKnight, and Eric Benet, to name a few.  During her stint with Phajja, Kena developed a reputation as a stellar performer and choreographer.

Marketing her own product line of oils and scents led to a brief move to Atlanta, where Kena continued practicing choreography for a number of artists.  During the same time, Kena also embarked on a poetry and spoken word career.  “Something was calling me to do myself,” she remembers.  Although a couple of new singing groups were in hot pursuit, Kena decided it was time to do “Kena.” 

Kena moved to New York and began working on her solo career at the same time she steadily pursued her passion as a songwriter.  “I’ve been blessed to have been around the right people,” states Kena, “my most significant challenges have always led to a new and better opportunity.  They’ve also allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with such artists as Truth Hurts, Tone “Cat” Wilson, Mario Winans, Idee Invisable Hands, Budda Ninja, and Label Mate Spike Reble,” she explains.

Roland Russell, CEO/A&R, Urban Gold Records had this to say about Kena; “As the "First Lady," of  Urban Gold Records, and a music industry triple threat - Singer, Songwriter and Performer, Kena is poised to be an artist to be reckoned with.  I think she will prove to be a positive influence on females of all ages and backgrounds.  Not only is she talented, she's beautiful both inside and out.”

Ask Kena about her poetic style of songwriting and she’ll reply, “I’m inspired by the music, the melody moves me and tells me what to write.”  Her “freestyle” way of writing has no limits; she draws you in with songs like “Love Me,” “I Cry,” and “Dum Da Da,” the first single release.  Kena transports you into a fun, flirty vibe with “Baby” and “Hella Sexy,” produced by SomeThing for the People.

Step into the "PlayGround" and let Kena Sage take your “Soul” for a ride.

About The Label:  Urban Gold Music.com
Urban Gold Music is an independent music label that distributes music through internet and brick and mortar retail outlets.   Urban Gold’s mission has been to sign and develop talented artists, and make their music available throughout the world.  Urban Gold Music is on the cutting edge of where the music industry will be in the future.

Urban Gold Music has attracted a joint venture license deal with Vibe TV.  Our venture will help expose our artists on an international level with the power of Vibe’s media influence.

Vibe Live in 2007 will feature new up coming artists and today’s top artists.  Vibe TV together with Urban Gold Music will expose and promote many artists for years to come.   

In the next decade major music companies will be a thing of the past.  The internet, video and cell phone will be the only way of exposing and selling music. With the proper support Urban Gold Music will position itself to disseminate music through internet exposure such as, Web Concerts, V-cast, Radio Play Globe and Print Media.

Urban Gold is searching for the right company to support our ideas and concepts.  Urban Gold Music consists of experienced, devoted individuals who are committed to successful implementation of their product and ideas in any market place. 

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