2013 Client Roster: Traci S. Campbell

Website Content Written By Kandis Knight

When radio personality and life coach, Traci S. Campbell became fed up with the ways she saw women portrayed in contemporary media she couldn't remain silent. Campbell, an IT Professional, began searching and cataloging images of strong "positive" female role models who exemplified excellence in today's media. 
"Most of the "role models" I found were female actresses, models, musicians and socialites who did not always take responsibility for the strength of their influence, some did not even care that they have a responsibility," explains Campbell. 

"I became more and more concerned for our young women "coming of age" in our modern, media-driven society and I began collecting research and quickly realized that the majority of young women are looking up to negative "role models", so I had to act". 

Campbell created "The Beauty In Beauty Out Tour", to "honor the best and brightest in female leadership" across our country, women who Campbell calls "the real s-heros out there in the trenches working hard in our communities". 

"We want to touch the lives of 50,000 women to hopefully counteract the negative images that already exist with positive images of women working hard in our communities making a difference, these are the real "reality stars" who we should be looking to," she explains. 

Every woman nominated for the tour's awards, "A Woman's Work" or "C.H.A.M.P. Within (Youth Award)" will automatically become a sponsored guest of the tour and invited to a day of inspirational workshops, leadership training, networking, beauty and spa treatments, pampering, and each will be honored for their special achievements. 

"This will be a life-changing event for many of these women who will cherished this experience for years to come and they deserve to," says Campbell.

For more information about the Beauty In Beauty Out Tour, please visit the tour's website for more details: www.beautyinbeautyouttour.com

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