2010 Client Roster: Expert Studio

Written by Kandis Knight

Expert Studio has developed a rare web design system which lets users develop a custom branded site in a short period of time. The impression and branding by Expert Studio is polished, state of the art and will suit your personal and professional branding needs.

It took many years of experience in design and branding, coupled with exceptional technical knowledge to consolidate Expert Studio's services into one molded system and to create such a "well thought" platform.
The eXite system is designed by a first class experienced designer.  The same designer who will design your site to fit your brand yet distinguish your brand from the competition. 

With the eXite system you save many hours of design, required by the conventional design systems and the end result is money saved. 
The eXite solution is based on new and current technology. The system development was done in PHP, which is the driving engine of most advanced web sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more, which in turn gives you a worry free, strong and reliable system.

The system also enables you to control, make changes, and manage your site from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection and a browser.

Every site is developed with the user in mind, therefore every upgrade of the system or any future technologies are applied only after a test run is done with all the browsers to fit them to the site, additionally,  the infrastructure that the system is built on will allow eXite to update all the sites periodically at once, and all that at no extra charge to the user.

The system also built with “Google” in mind, where it is "Google Ready" and search engine friendly. Read and optimized in all searches, where your site is automatically ready for SEO unlike many of your competitors. Expert Studio's friendly team will guide you and give you all the necessary support you need.

Join many others today and enjoy a state of the art design with an advanced management system for a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else.

For more information, please visit the Expert Studio Website:  CLICK

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