2010 Client Roster: Black Belt Tour, Toki Wright, Haziq Ali, Omaur Bliss

Toki Wright has been generating nation-wide buzz:

01.26.2010 - "One of the dopest emcees around, who makes noise both on the microphone and as an un-compromising community activist..." -Davey D On Toki Wright

"A powerful stage presence and booming, crystal-clear ... See Morecadence..." -LA Weekly On Toki Wright

Written by Kandis Knight

Across space and time, the number three has symbolized power, strength and stability. The three types of universe: matter, soul and spirit; three phases of the moon; the three forces of nature earth, sea, and sky. 

This spring, the power of three will emerge with dynamic fervor when The Black Belt Tour whips across the Midwest. The call has gone out, from all corners of the Universe and Cyber-verse. The masses are crying out for lyrical Utopia. In order to unite Hip-Hop, North and the South, commercial and indie, three emcees have stepped into the spotlight. 

Long-time Hip-Hop purists, Toki Wright, Haziq Ali and Omaur Bliss have come of age, paid dues, joined forces and are equipped to answer the call. The Black Belt Tour unleashed will make its way across the Midwest forever carving a crevasse in the way we view North and South rap. 

Much like the Chitterling Circuit unites the South, the Black Belt Tour will unite North and South. Wright, Rhymesayers "break out" artist of the year, has been support for Brother Ali and Evidence of Dilated Peoples most recently. Wright has also performed at Soundset, Coachella, CMJ, Bumbershoot , Paid Dues, Scribble Jam, and SXSW. His recent video "Devil's Advocate" peaked at #3 on MTVMUSIC.com.

Wright will join forces with Tabi Bonney's right-hand man and business partner, Atlanta's heavyweight, Haziq Ali, who recently ranked #34 on CMJ's, much touted, charts. Ali has has honed the skills of the live show, as an artist featured on tours such as; Rock The Bells with 50 Cent, Killer Mike, Kanye West, Dead Prez, and others.

The Black Belt Tour will also reacquaint fans with Omaur Bliss a long-time music industry hustler and Doomtree affiliate. Bliss has toured and opened for the likes of Doomtree, Ozomatli and Arrested Development. "Hopefully The Black Belt Tour will be an annual Spring tour artists can use to gain access to different regions and audiences," explains Omaur Bliss.

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