2009 Client Roster: DJ Bigga Rankin

Interview: DJ Bigga Rankin
By Kandis Knight

Let’s count down……the top ten things according to Dj Bigga Rankin we can do to make the music industry better in 2008.

10. Artists get to the city you're performing in early to do street
promotion, and visit stores. This will help promoters with the success
of the show.

9. Promoters are looking for riders and not wishlists. Artists be
considerate, don't ask for 10 bottles of Rose', and 10 Bottles of

8. If an artist charges $20,000 to perform in Atlanta, they shouldn't
charge $20,000 in Waycross, Ga. All markets are not the same!

7. Independent artists, stop emailing tracks to DJ's and telling them
the track isn't mixed so don't pay attention to that. 1st impressions
are the only impressions.

6. Promoters make sure you have an artist's back end money when they
get to the city. Also make sure the person who makes the pick-up takes
a bath.

5. Independent artists, when opening for a major Please! Please!
Please! do your single and leave the stage.

4. DJ's need to play more independent music. Don't be afraid!! If the
music is hot give it a chance.

3. Independents stop putting out albums with no single or advertising.

2. Managers & Indie Label CEO's, spend your budget on promotion and
advertising instead of strippers and cars.

1. This is to all artists that shit on DJs that help them. "Time is
longer than rope. Who God blessed no man can curse."

Bigga in Raw Report....what's up Jason C.!!!!!!!

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