2003 Client Roster: Norfstar

Norfstar (Minneapolis)
By Kandis Knight

North Minneapolis’s Rayshawn “The Norf Star” is not an r & b singer even though he once sang backup for Tyrese, received a standing ovation from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, for singing Human Nature and his latest single Hood Pass features him singing, not rapping, over self made beats. He prefers to be called a rapper.

“If rap and r & b had sex, the offspring of those two genres would be my music,” explains the young artist. “My musical influences are Jodeci, Silk, Joe, and R. Kelly to Twista and Tupac.”

In the early 90’s, Travis Lee a.k.a. Travitron, a forefather of Twin Cities hip-hop, overheard Norfstar singing at a local community center. Travitron took the young singer under his wings teaching him how to operate studio equipment.

Since then, Norfstar performed with three different groups, 4 Da Record, B.A.D. and FOCUS before deciding to go solo. Shortly after going solo, Norfstar was signed by publicist Regina Daniels. Daniels’ publicity roster has included the likes of Michael Jackson, Lil’ Kim, Dru Hill, Sisqo and R. Kelly.

With his new representation, Norfstar relocated to Los Angeles where he met Frank Gatson, a well respected manager and choreographer (En Vogue and Destiny’s Child). Norfstar found himself on tour with Tyrese as a back up singer for the album I Want to Go There. When the tour ended, Norfstar ran out of options. “That was the one time I thought about quitting music; everything that could go wrong did.” With no money, and no connections, Norfstar returned to Minneapolis.

Since then, Norfstar formed his own label, Money Talks Entertainment and has been performing his single Hood Pass across the Midwest to build up anticipation for his first solo debut. Call him a hybrid of r & b and rap if you want, his debut album expected in the first quarter of 2008 will definitely set everyone straight. People have described Norfstar’s music as a mixture of soul, r & b, gospel and rap, whatever you want to call it, Norfstar’s single Hood Pass may very well become a Midwest hit.

For more information visit: www.myspace.com/moneystar

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