2007 Client Roster: Kadalack Boyz (ColliPark Records)

Kadalack Boyz (Atlanta)
Published in Grip Magazine
By Kandis Knight

The Kadalack Boyz, Tex James, Skinny-P, Tok, Sphidaman and JLuke met as kids and eventually started throwing parties, shows and making music together. “Loyalty brought us together, we are a brotherhood. When we move, we move in numbers. We have the look of a gang, but we are just a group of ‘brothas’ responsibly working together in unity and making good music. There is strength and power in loyalty,” smiles Tex James, the group’s official muscle.

At the height of ATL’s famed ‘Freaknik’ days, the Kadalack Boyz became well known for their “freeway exit” parties and their pimped out Cadillac’s that rolled low in the back on Daytons and Vogues, and featured fresh candy paint and ghost patterns every summer.

“The girls eventually started calling us the Kadalack Boyz when we would roll up at the park and the name stuck.” The group that has always been aggressive at branding their name eventually proved they are just as aggressive at making music. “Coming from the south our music is more aggressive. It has real street appeal. Think of it as a soundtrack of the streets from a group’s point of view,” Tex explains.

It didn’t take long for things to take off for The Kadalack Boyz. In 1999, around the same time Pastor Troy’s first album came out The Kadalack Boyz released a track called “Get a Lac” produced by Jerry Smokin’ Beat and CoCo Brother (both of Hot 107.9), it took off.

“It’s the originality, and the realness of our music that people like. We talk about what we really do and what we have been through. This is not studio rappin’ this is what we have been through in our life. We all grew up together so this is not a put together group from Macon,” explains Skinny P. They all laugh.

“Yeah, the picture we paint is exactly who we are. We want you to catch the beat and listen to the words. Many rappers say whatever they feel like saying or something other people said. We are saying what is really going on, what happens in our life,” interjects Luke.

“Back then, we were making so much noise in the streets and people were hearing about us but everybody was like who are they with? We started working D-Lo, he was our business partner. Then one day Mr. Collipark (a.k.a. DJ Smurf a.k.a. Beat-n-Azz a.k.a. Micheal Crooms) called my phone. Mr. Collipark has worked with the likes of Lil' Jon, Ying Yang Twins, BG, YoungBloodz, Trick Daddy, Mike Jones, Pitbull, Young Jeezy, Avant, David Banner, Bun B, Wyclef Jean and Bone Crusher.

“I want to do business with y’all” he told me,” explains Tex.

Mr. Collipark is a super producer who likes to learn from other artists. “He is cool he just lets us do our own thing he is the type of producer who does him and lets you sit back and do yours he is eager to see what you do on his tracks.” They all nod their heads in agreement.

Sphidaman eagerly chimes in “Never slippin’ it is a lot of stuff going on right now so you can’t be out here slipplin, there is a war going on and people are dieing every day, never slippin to me is telling me to be on our grind every day . This year is OUR year. They been hearing about us we got a nice buzz but we are more than just a buzz in the street. This is the year that we get in.”

Never Slippin is a new track on The Kadalack Boyz latest project, a full length album titled Street Related to be released in March 2007 on Collipark/D-Lo. Dope Boy Bounce, will be the first single to be released off the Street Related album. “Dope Boy Bounce is a summer jam, it is about that ATL swagger cause its tempo is slower but females can get wild on it and the trap boys will really appreciate it,” says Tok.


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