2007 Client Roster: Wone Vang Fashion

Wone Vang (Minneapolis)
Published at Twin Cities Night Clubs.com
By Kandis Knight

Wone Vang conquers barriers for a living. In 1981, Vang immigrated from her beloved homeland, Laos to the United States. Like many immigrants, the pursuit of the American dream was vital to her survival. However, life in America brought many new challenges. Vang had to deal with the constricting traditions that most young Hmong-American women face while seeking out a new life in America and the pursuit of their life’s calling. Vang rose to the occasion.

Vang, a first generation Hmong, had to quickly learn American cultural nuances, while preserving her proud cultural identity. She studied American trends closely while tightly clinging onto her cultural roots. She eventually developed her own individuality and a passion for American fashion. Breaking into the highly competitive world of fashion can be a tad bit intimidating for even the most talented designers. Small start up fashion houses often have trouble gaining the acceptance of their “sometimes” snobby more established peers and finding channels to expose their designs to the public.

Vang, who has faced obstacles her entire life, was up for the challenge. She genuinely sympathized with struggling artists, but she took it a step deeper. She developed a plan and took action. To conquer the barriers in her path, Vang formed Ethreemn.org in 2004 and never looked back. Ethreemn.org’s mission is to educate, enlighten, and expose local artists and talents. Thanks to Vang’s trials and tribulations early in life, she was prepared to take on any battle and committed to helping others along her way, like aspiring designer Tiffany Paulson. Paulson’s designs were showcased at Vang’s Narcissism Fashion Show held November 2nd 2005 at The Downtown Radisson Hotel, it was Paulson’s first fashion show. “Wone is innovative in her approach and dedicated to providing local designers and clothing labels platforms to display their creations. I am very excited about the upcoming show,” said Paulson.

Paulson is one of many local aspiring designer’s Vang has helped along her way. Vang has worked with a host of local designers including, Underground Music and Fashion (www.umandf.com), Blame It on Hip-Hop (www.biohh.com) and Vandalism Designs who were all able to make a big impression on the local fashion scene by participating in two of Vang’s highly successful events, Live Wire at Bar Fly and the First Annual Narcissism Fashion show at the Fineline Café. “Wone is a very professional person who treats designers, no matter how large or small, with the respect they deserve. She respects designer’s wishes and helps them turn their visions into fashion shows,” said Underground Music and Fashion’s (UmandF.com) CEO, Matt Meyers.

Vang is recognized locally as a genius when it comes to bridging local culture together. Her fashion shows are an outlet for aspiring fashion designers but she also has a format at all of her shows to showcase aspiring artists and musicians. Vang’s shows are a big hit with a diverse and sophisticated cross section of Twin Cities movers and shakers.

Please support Ethreemn.org in its mission to uplift our local artists August 9th, 2007 at Trocaderos Night Club. This year’s show is packed full of entertainment and fashion. Ethreemn.org also commits a percentage of all their proceeds to charity. “If we can create an organization without artistic limitations, we will be able to reach those artists who might never think of asking for help.” Wone Vang

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