2005 Client Roster: A & R

Artist Bio: A & R (Minneapolis)
By Kandis Knight

With a name like A & R, Minneapolis rapper Antonio Richards (where A & R is derived from) wants everyone to know he is 100% artist and nothing more.

“I am very complicated, very original, very focused,” says the gleaming twenty-five year old, who is poised to take Midwest music to a new plateau.

“The name A & R best sums me up. Music, is what I do, it’s what I live, it’s what I breathe.”

One listen and you will know this is an artist who is not afraid to take chances and has a keen sense of style and what sounds good.

For A & R, music began when he penned his first song. “I was 9 years-old it wasn’t really cool to rap back then,” he explains. “I remember hiding my notebooks from my boys so they wouldn’t make fun of my raps.”

With no label backing, A & R has received national radio air play (Atlanta 100.3, St. Louis 100.3, Tallahassee 90.2 etc.) “I have been making a name for myself with no label backing, no promo team just straight hard work and the strength of my music.”

“A & R has some serious support, a top notch production squad and the business organization in place that will propel his career far past the competition,” says Mark Webster, Jr., A & R’s manager and CEO of Rock City Productions (Mpls).

“I don’t look at myself as a rapper. I look at myself as a quality brand, that will give people a certain type of product consistently for years to come.”

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